Chief Technology Officer & Photographer | Irvine, CA – Package Management for Codeigniter

There’s no shortage of great libraries built for Codeigniter out there on the internet…the problem is finding them, and if you do find them, and the author updates them, how are you going to update the library easily?


We created to be a centralized package management system for Codeigniter – similar to PEAR or RubyGems. The main difference between Sparks and the others is that when you install a Spark, you’re installing it to your project – not to your system – which means, you can take your libraries with you to a new environment with little to no configuration!

Grabbing a library from the site is as easy as finding it, opening a terminal window, and copying/pasting the command listed under the library on When an update is published, you do the same and put the latest version number in the command you run.

Seriously…it’s that easy.

We’ve just released the site in to “Alpha” mode right now, and we’ve got some great feedback already. We’ve got a list of features we will be adding over the next few weeks, so make sure you keep checking back on the site to see what is new as the weeks go on! – Online Car Magazine

Automotive web sites are BORING these days – especially the “online” companion to magazine sites. was created to break out of that mold to give everyone what they want/need when it comes to all things automotive.

The name “Lot Drifter” comes from what I do when I get bored (which as of lately isn’t too often) – I literally go from car lot to car lot checking out cars, finding the rare gems, and pretty much drooling all over them.  I’ve been a car guy for as long as I can remember, so it is only fitting that I create an online car magazine being a web developer as well. ;-)


Coming soon – currently in development!   The site will use a WordPress 3.0 background with a custom theme (as seen above).  I’ve also been playing around with some other predesigned magazine style themes, and I may launch with that as the design above is finished up – we’ll see. – Building a Better Date

Everyone goes on a date. Whether you are single or married, you’re bound to take your significant other out every once in a while. Do you find it hard to come up with ideas outside of the typical “dinner and a movie”? This is where becomes a vital part of the equation. was built to help creative people share their date ideas with the people that are searching for date ideas.

**UPDATE** – Spoke with Brent (the original web designer) the other day, and we’re all on board for a site re-launch in the next 6 weeks.  I’m shooting for September 1, 2010, but we’ll see how fast I can throw everything together for Brent, and then for the site.

The Plan was an idea that I had for about 3 years before I finally decided to actively do something with it. I approached Gangplank (@gangplank) one day with a brief email explaining my idea after I received an email from them saying that they were starting up an incubator program – similar to yCombinator and TechStars. They loved the idea, gave me my funding, and said “build it in 30 days, and we’ll move on to the next step”. Wow…30 days…it was going to be rough!

The Challenges

Building a site in 30 days takes a large amount of planning, and a large amount of asking “do we really need that for phase 1?”. After some intense planning sessions, the core idea had its wings, and I was ready to fly. This was also my first project built using an Agile process, so that was a learning process as well.

Technologies Utilized


In the end, I produced the site in 30 days. A lot of ups and downs were made within those 30 days, but I made it to a place only 10% of people ever do with a great idea for a web site. The next 60 days after that were filled with refining the business model, marketing, and sales. The site has been up for a little over a year now and has made some decent traction, and there is more to come.

Next Steps

I originally built the site using the PHP framework called Codeigniter. This was my first project working with Codeigniter, and although I was able to produce the site quickly, after being away from the code base for a while, learning more about Codeigniter, and coming back to it, I do need to refactor quite a bit of code. I also have some new ideas for the site…I just need to start the process all over again, and push some updates!

  • Refactor existing codebase – work smarter, not harder
  • Redesign the user interface for a better user experience – especially within the builder section
  • Add user profiles for users to promote the date ideas they’ve created and comments they’ve shared
  • Add Facebook/Twitter integration to ignite some viral marketing
  • Entice the users to come back for more – don’t let them forget about the site – implement non-noisy email notifications
  • More to come…