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Emotionally Engaging Lifestyle Ads

We have a client that we’re working with right now that sells a product for people with limited mobility due to a disability, and we had an amazing brainstorming session yesterday about the direction. This brainstorming session led me right back in to the theme of day #3 of the BOLO conference – story telling (from my perspective of course). Maybe I’m a little behind as far as online marketing/advertising goes, but I’m pretty sure everyone hasn’t gotten on board with this just yet.

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Cam Newton better watch out.

This is a great video from the NFL Play60 campaign. Kid heckles Cam Newton right to his face…saying that he’s going to replace him and become Cam Newton Mom’s favorite player.

I don’t care who you are, this is hilarious. “Make you the backup, and become your Mom’s favorite player?” hahaha

NaVloPoMo 2011 – Day #2

Ok – so this is really my first video, but it’s day 2, so whatever.

I need to come up with some really riveting content. Maybe I should get a hold of Joe Buck from Fox and see how he does it. He’s so awesome…NOT. Maybe it’s just because he’s short…and I’m so tall. I dunno.

Any who…here we go!