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New Diet & New Workout Routine

A buddy of mine that's a bodybuilder got me squared away with a new custom diet based on my body type and goals, and set me up with a new workout routine.

Basically – the new diet has me consuming probably 3x's the amount of protein I've been consuming for the past few months, limiting my carbs (no more excessive fruit in my shakes), upping my green veggies, and increasing my water intake.  I've also got a nice little digital food scale to be extremely precise about everything.

Went shopping yesterday, bought 5 dozen eggs, 3lbs of ground turkey, 2.5lbs of ground ultra-lean ground beef, 6 cube steaks, oats, green beans, and canned tuna – this is enough food for almost a week (I'm not sure how long it will last just yet).  My diet is now super basic and bland (I do get 3 cheat meals), but it should kick start my next phase of weight loss and help me put on some more muscle.  I have to eat 5 times a day – no more than 3 hours apart.  I can only go to the gym 5 days max a week (I'm required to take 2 days off), and I have to do a min of 4 days of cardio each week (since I won't be doing any on leg days).  I'm also limited to 30 mins of cardio so I'm not going catabolic and consuming my muscle while I jam away on the elliptical.  

Basically – I got a good dump of information out of him on Friday night – and I cracked open my Schwarzenegger bodybuilding encyclopedia again and got even more information out of it (if you don't have it, I recommend getting it – it's full of everything you could ever want to know about working out, nutrition, etc).

Today was my first day – eating 5 times every 3 hours is fucking difficult.  Oh – and no diet coke, red bull, orange juice, etc…just…water.  Let's see how this goes for the next 8-10 weeks…I'm already down 40lbs – what's 20 more?

That is all…peace out!

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Pace Yourself

I'm no expert at fitness or nutrition – trust me – I wouldn't have extra pounds to lose if I was, but I see a lot of you going from one extreme to the next with your diets and exercise, and I can't stress enough that you need to pace yourselves.

It's good to make changes, but the likelihood of a drastic change sticking is probably somewhere between slim and none.

When I started changing up my diet and working out about 3 months ago, I told myself that this time, I need to take my time with it, because every other time, I just stopped "eating bad" or started "eating healthy" immediately.  This time, however, I implemented changes in phases – small phases.  I started off at the gym, and did enough cardio to make myself feel like I got a good workout in.  I then began to incorporate weight lifting after that as well as increasing my time doing cardio – but just a little – then getting in to a full on "routine".  After I was comfortable with all of that, I implemented the changes to my diet, but I didn't go overboard.  I didn't starve myself at 1200 calories a day, and I didn't switch from milk shakes to broccoli pops over night.

For some, habits can form by switching it up drastically, but I'm willing to be the number of people that can actually do that and stick with it are very low.

My advice…and I don't want to sound like I'm the "know it all"…is to make changes in phases – don't go all out all at once…trust me.  You have a much better chance at succeeding by slowly developing this new habit of being healthy.


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Tyler…my nephew has something to say to you…

My Shake Recipe

So – I figured I’d share my shake recipe with everyone in the FatOff competition – and in determining the calories this morning, I found out it’s a little on the heavy side, so I’m going to adjust it later this afternoon.

1.5 cups of frozen fruit (6lb Dole bag from Sams Club)
16oz of orange juice (Simply Orange pulp free w/calcium)
1 scoop of EAS Whey Protein (Vanilla)
1 packet of NuPlus nutritional supplement

Put NuPlus in bottom of blender, fruit on top, then orange juice and blend. Mix in the scoop of protein (seriously – mix it in by hand, or it will fly all over the place) and blend again.

Totals out to 540 calories – which – eh – is too much for me. Also, there are is a lot of sugar from all the fruit, so that’s no bueno either. I’m going to cut it down to the following:

3/4 cup fruit
8oz of orange juice
1 scoop of EAS Whey Protein
1 packet of NuPlus nutritional supplements
Water as needed to thin it out

That will bring the calorie count down to around 360 and it will still be a good fulfilling snack.

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4 miles bitches…

Picture proof that I was in the gym since Katie thinks I’m a loser
that lies and cheats…can’t cheat how good I look… ;-)

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