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100 Day Challenge

I recently decided to pull my head out of my ass and to get serious about my goals. In 2010, I lost 50lbs, but am I completely happy with the results…no. I mean, I am happy that I lost 50 lbs, and I do feel/look better, but I’ve still got a little bit more to go.

My goal is to be at 12% or less body fat in 100 days. The 100 day clock started yesterday, and my end day is October 24, 2011. By then, if I stick with my diet and my workout routines provided by Ty @ Team Cane Fitness, and Darin, and my buddy Jason, I should be shredded by then.

Right now I’ve made it a point to plan and make 2 days worth of meals ahead of time. I have 6 meals a day starting at 8am going all the way up to 9pm. The 2 hardest things that I can see in the foreseeable future are keeping my meals mixed up enough where I’m not getting tired of them, and making sure I have myself on a schedule on days that have or don’t have Dom – I’m getting severely OCD about my calendar right now.

So here goes nothing – I weighed in at 231 lbs on Saturday morning, and Ty took measurements – but I’m waiting on him to get those over to me. I’ll post those up when he sends them over. Also, I plan to use the “100 Day Challenge” category on here to post daily about my meals that I’m eating (with pictures), and to post up my workouts. This is another challenge from me – because if you know me, I’m not too consistent with my blog.

So anyway…time to rock out with my **** out…Paul Walker will be my bitch after this is all over with.