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Developer Theory – 95%’ers

There’s no big secret out there that a large problem that plagues the development community is the “95%-itis”. You’ve probably seen it before – where a developer will go all gung-ho, the project is humming along, until they hit about 95% completion, and then run in to a brick wall.

I’m no stranger to this.

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GangPlank – And then there were many n3rds!

“Making Phoenix Awesome-er!”

Just wanted to spread the word about GangPlankHQ in Phoenix, AZ (ok, so it’s Chandler…whatev).  I’ve worked out of the offices a few times…good group of people, and heck, where else can you go to work amongst a large group of n3rds, and get all the CSS help from April you could ever want???  Speaking of which…I think I’m gonna work there tomorrow……………………….maybe…if Sunny is lucky!

Read up about it…and I’ll see you there!