Chief Technology Officer & Photographer | Irvine, CA – Package Management for Codeigniter

There’s no shortage of great libraries built for Codeigniter out there on the internet…the problem is finding them, and if you do find them, and the author updates them, how are you going to update the library easily?


We created to be a centralized package management system for Codeigniter – similar to PEAR or RubyGems. The main difference between Sparks and the others is that when you install a Spark, you’re installing it to your project – not to your system – which means, you can take your libraries with you to a new environment with little to no configuration!

Grabbing a library from the site is as easy as finding it, opening a terminal window, and copying/pasting the command listed under the library on When an update is published, you do the same and put the latest version number in the command you run.

Seriously…it’s that easy.

We’ve just released the site in to “Alpha” mode right now, and we’ve got some great feedback already. We’ve got a list of features we will be adding over the next few weeks, so make sure you keep checking back on the site to see what is new as the weeks go on!