Chief Technology Officer & Photographer | Irvine, CA

Refresh Phoenix – April 2008

We had our monthly Refresh Phoenix meeting on Tuesday night this week. I’ve only been to 1 other meeting (Feb 2008), but I’ve been conversing with a lot of the attendees for a while now through various social networking channels (mostly Twitter). This time, I told myself that I needed to talk to more people – and I did! I finally met some of my online buddies face to face and shared a few laughs. The topic for the April meet-up was a review from various SXSW attendees – who all agreed that it’s not only the best conference to attend every year if you are a web n3rd, but the networking aspect of it all is extremely valuable!

If you are in the web development industry – design, dev, photography, etc – it is a very good idea for you to attend these monthly refresh meetings, because like SXSW, the networking aspect within your local community is probably your most valuable resource!

If you aren’t in Phoenix, you can check Refreshing Cities to find out where the closest meet-up is to you – or start your own if there aren’t any available!