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NFL Pick-Em League

For the past 10 years or so, I’ve participated in Fantasy Football with the same group of friends.  However, this year, I decided to change it up a little and also got in on a pick-em league.  Basically, you just go through the games each week and pick who the winner is.  There was a $20 buy in, and there is about 40+ in the league.  Right now, I’m sitting in 8th place (I’ve been as high as 5th).  The first place prize is $600…and I’ve got my sights on it!  Figure I can keep my blog a little less stale if I start adding these little posts – so here are my picks for this week:

  • Cleveland vs. Denver (Pick: Cleveland) – Incorrect
  • Atlanta vs New Orleans (Pick: New Orleans) – Incorrect
  • Tennessee vs. Chicago (Pick: Tennessee) – Correct
  • Jacksonville vs. Detroit (Pick: Jacksonville) – Correct
  • Miami vs. Seattle (Pick: Miami) – Correct
  • Minnesota vs. Green Bay (Pick: Green Bay) – Incorrect
  • New England vs. Buffalo (Pick: New England) – Correct
  • New York Jets vs. St. Louis (Pick: New York Jets) – Correct
  • Baltimore vs. Houston (Pick: Baltimore) – Correct
  • Carolina vs. Oakland (Pick: Carolina) – Correct
  • Pittsburgh vs. Indianapolis (Pick: Pittsburgh) – Incorrect
  • San Diego vs. Kansas City (Pick: San Diego) – Correct
  • Philadelphia vs. New York Giants (Pick: New York Giants) – Correct
  • Arizona vs. San Francisco (Pick: Arizona)

So how do you think I did?  I’ll find out soon enough I suppose! LOL  Oh…and the Arizona Cardinals are tearing it up this year!  Lovin’ every minute of that.  Playoffs…here we come!