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No explanation needed. Need my new race car…stat!

No…I don’t have a resume…

“Corporate America” bugs the hell out of me.

Today, I get an email titled “Opportunity Knocks” from a local company in town, giving the same old canned message that was spruced up a little to be marginally personalized.  I was told he searched for “php developer phoenix” and he found me (I rank #1 for that search term).  Ok – I read on – and it was basically a soft recruitment letter – pretty standard.

I responded back that I wasn’t looking for full time work, but I’d be open to any contract/freelance work, as I had recently left a company to go back out on my own. He responded shortly after and said, “How about sending me a resume and I’ll set up a few face-to-face meetings with the peeps here?”.


Well, I don’t have a resume, I haven’t updated my resume in years. Hell, the resume I used to desperately get a job with 944 Magazine was the same resume I had that I made in high school – clearly it worked, but it was old, outdated, and is a constant reminder of “old business”.  If you know me…Craig…this is directed at you haha…you know that I loathe “old business” methodologies – not all, but most.  I still prefer the good old “hand shake and a promise” – something about that just screams “business” to me, but everything else, meh, I can do without.

Apparently I said something to ruffle the feathers, because after my response of “Look at the links in my sig – that’s my resume – I’m pretty confident in the wealth of information you’ll find about me as a person/developer/etc on google”, I was told that I was “being arrogant, cocky and feeling entitled” and that those “are not a qualities we are interested in”.


Whoa what? Being arrogant and cocky? I think you completely misunderstood my last email, and now you’re telling me that I’m an “apprentice” because I told you I don’t have a formal “resume” anymore? I’m not an old dude with a pony tail – nor a web developer that wasted years in college and have 9 million microsoft/google/etc certifications – it’s all worthless – real world experience is where it’s at.

Wow – this went downhill pretty quick…and FYI, in the “real world”, a piece of paper listing accomplishments is still just a piece of paper – the proof is in the pudding, and you’ve yet to see any of my work (you’ve seen my blog and probably – neither of which I care to “defend” to you.

The only arrogant person in this conversation is you right now…you probably need to chillax a little. An apology for flying off the handle is appreciated.

It gets better – I just got this response:

Fair enough: I apologize for “flying off the handle”. Let me get back on my broomstick (apparently, I’m a witch?).

We do require a resume. Sorry, I can’t ask other managers and the co-founders of this company to “Look at the links in my sig – that’s my resume”. Seriously, that doesn’t cut it. To dignify and respect their time, they should only have to review a single-source document of your accomplishments (aka a “resume”). Everything they read online *could* be 100% BS (just as a resume could be), but it starts the process down the right road. No one has time to look at countless websites that have some reference to who you might be. Down the road, if we were truly interested, we would dig deeper (verify work history, check references, etc.).

You’re right, never saw any pudding. Also, I wasn’t being arrogant, I was being condescending (which was wrong and I apologize for that, too). Guess I was expecting to somehow be “wowed!” by your claim of being a “jQuery Expert”.

I reached out to you because you appeared to have an acceptable amount of experience in web development. I failed to conclude that you were a master of your craft. Being that you are, you are clearly out of our league as we are really just looking for someone who is pretty darn good at what they do.

Sorry to have bothered you.

And my response:

Again with the “crafty” email response – and a dodge at just apologizing, tucking your tail, and moving on.

I never claimed to be a jQuery expert, I mentioned that my budd had said that. That was meant to be a joke, but clearly that wasn’t conveyed – or understood. I don’t claim to be an expert at anything – I do however know that I’m pretty f***in good at the skills I do possess.

My flip flops, t-shirts, and bedazzled jeans don’t do well in corporate culture – neither do resumes and obviously me – this is why I’m a full time freelancer. I loathe “old school” business methodologies, and can’t stand to be a part of them.

A bit of advice – especially in an ever competitive tech industry, hire people, not resumes. You could have easily brought me in to “meet the peeps” with a bit of information about me – you know, doing your job with recruiting, you gather information and report it back to those that control your strings. But now, you’ll just be on the hunt for another drone – another resume submitter…someone whom which I’ll never be again.

Thank you again for yet another captivating response XXXXX, I’m really looking forward to the next one!

Yes – now I’m just being an ass, but hey, it’s the amusement that I needed today. Back to the grind – see ya on the flip side!

944 Phoenix – NBA All-Star Weekend

The NBA All-Star weekend is upon us in Phoenix, AZ this week.  There are a lot of events going on, but the “cool kids” will definitely be at all the 944 events happening Thursday-Sunday at the W Hotel in Scottsdale, AZ.

Thursday night is the kickoff party and is hosted by Amare Stoudemire of the Phoenix Suns featuring DJ Vice, DJ Reach, DJ Ross One, & DJ OB One – purchase tickets here.

Friday night includes a live performance by Fabolous and features JD Webb, DJ Fashen, & DJ Jazzy Jeff – purchase tickets here.

Saturday night includes a live performance from two time Grammy award winner Common.  The night also includes Courtside Chaos hosted by Dwayne Wade of the Miami Heat, and various fashion shows – definitely the night to be at the W Hotel in Scottsdale – purchase tickets here.

Sunday night features DJ Solomon & DJ Irie with a special live performance by Nina Sky and Talib Kweli – purchase tickets here.

Its going to be a fun weekend for sure…and just in time for the NBA All-Star Weekend, 944 just released the latest issue of Game which is your best resource for Super Bowl, FBR 2009, and NBA All-Star coverage!

New House…New Job…

First off – FINALLY got moved in to the new #TukeeDevHouse – it’s sooo much nicer than the last house.  Pretty much still living in and out of boxes, but I’m hoping that situation will be resolved soon…really just boils down to “just fucking do it”.  We’ll be having a house-warming party soon…let us get through the boxes and getting everything sorted out first!

On to the next topic – new job.  It was a hard decision to come to, but I finally decided that it was probably time to get a “normal job” with a steady paycheck.  Its not only good for bills and so forth, but its good for Dom & Lexi to not have me so stressed out all the time when I’m worrying about when I’m getting paid next.

I went on a few interviews, but ended up accepting a position as a web developer at 944 Media in Scottsdale.  I actually interviewed with 944 on the Monday after I moved in to the new place, got an offer on Tuesday, and started on Wednesday.  944 Media produces several magazines and and I get to work on a mix of all of it by working on the intranet that basically contains all the functionality needed to run 944 Media.  I also couldn’t of picked a better time to come on – the NBA All-Star weekend is happening this week and 944 is hosting all the big parties.  If you want to get in on all the cool All-Star parties that 944 is putting on, you can find information about them and purchase tickets over on their site.

I’m still planning on maintaining in my off time…so don’t worry…updates and progress will still be made on that site as I am continuing to build traffic & content that will only make it more valuable when or offer to buy it from me! HAHAHA

So that’s basically it…new house…new job…good stuff…back to work!

PodCampAZ 2.0 – Are you going to be there?

…because I am…and so are several other people, like Brent (iboughtamac), Evo (evo_terra), Shaler (BrianShaler), Chuck (chuckreynolds), and heck, I think Justine (ijustine) is gonna be there!

This year will actually be my first time attending PodCampAZ.  Last year they had quite the showing for the first year, and this year, its expected to be even bigger!  So instead of doing something else that is far less cool than hanging out with a bunch of other people that share the same interests as you, come play with the cool kids at PodCampAZ on November 1st & 2nd of 2008 – you’ll be glad that you did!

Oh yeah, go register for PodCampAZ 2.0 – successful planning can’t happen without participant registration… ;-)