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Commuting via the Light Rail

So – as of about 4 weeks ago, I started working in downtown Phoenix, which opened up the possibility that I could actually take the light rail to work since there is a stop right outside my office…I’d just have to commute to the end of the line in Mesa since I live near Western New Mexico (Gilberto).

Today, my BFF Courtney and I decided to take the train in to downtown Phoenix this morning – double bonus points since it is a high pollution day, and we are “encouraged” to use mass transit.

Getting to the park & ride wasn’t bad – I just thought it was a lot further east for some reason – for future reference, it’s the Sycamore & Main station and it’s just east of Dobson off of Main…why I thought it was in between Country Club and Mesa Dr is beyond me – good thing I had a smartphone in my pocket with a mapping application that I didn’t use.

We hopped on, got our pick of seats, and started playing trivial pursuit (a game in which I suck at, but I still beat her!).

All in all, the ride wasn’t bad – by the time you hit a few stops in Tempe, the train is PACKED. No real annoying peeps until after Courtney’s stop in “Southern Downtown” when this dude hopped on that smelled as if he hadn’t showered since 1994, and must have been deaf as he was yelling in to the cell phone he borrowed from the girl sitting behind me. Thankfully, it was only 3 stops to my station, so I didn’t have to deal with dude for long.

Going home should be interesting…not sure how we’re going to get 2 seats next to each other. I wonder if punching someone in the face and telling them to move their ass is frowned upon? Probably…guess I’ll just stick with random flatulence to see if I can gas them out.