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Let’s say you want to share your contact information with everyone at a relevant media unconference in Phoenix at the beginning of November 2008.  One might think that might be a little overwhelming, and quite repetitive to go to each person and relay this information…and that would be correct…until now.

Andrew Hyde has recently released  Basically, the site allows you to easily share contact information within a group of people so you can talk about things other than your Twitter handle, or your Facebook ID.  It’s a great little tool, and I’ve participated in 2 lists so far:

Get out there and create some lists with your groups…share your information easily!

Update on Beau – What’s been going on?

Well, a lot has been going on recently, so I figured I’d give you all a little update and throw a shit-ton of links your way.

I successfully launched Date Designer at the beginning of this month.  If you don’t know what Date Designer is all about, to start, it’s NOT a match-making service.  The service I’m offering is to answer the question of “what should we do?” AFTER you’ve gotten your date.  Currently there are about 40 good dates entered in to the system and the number of users registering and using the system is increasing daily.

Date Designer was recently featured in the AZ Republic with Gangplank HQ, Authority Labs, Simple Seating, and Get Whuffie.  I was also interviewed on video by the Phoenix Real Estate Guy.

I also attended PodCampAZ last weekend – talk about a fun time!  Met a ton of new people, got the word out about my projects, and discovered that Jeremy Tanner (@penguin) is all about man-hugging and Andrew Hyde (@andrewhyde) is a lot quieter than I had imagined!  You guys are welcome to stay at my house anytime you are back in Phx!  And on a sadder note…I still didn’t get a chance to meet Justine…I guess my indirect game didn’t work out so well…<sad face>…

Another project I’ve been working on, that was created out of the recent Startup Weekend in Phoenix is called  Basically, is a search engine of sorts that searches tweets on Twitter and then analyzes the content of the tweets to determine positive/neutral/negative tones and opinions.  We’ve gotten a ton of press about the site already and we’ve only been live for about 2 weeks or so!  The team consists of myself, Chase Granberry, and Mike Luby…all of which…are full of so much awesome, I’m pretty sure if we ended up getting our asses kicked by a group of rogue ninjas, we’d bleed awesome.

Update on my relationship status…single…yes ladies…I’m still single…keep those phone numbers coming…<crickets>… :-/

And that’s about it for now…I gots ta get to bed…Nate’s wedding is in t-minus 13 hours!!! – Get in on the beta and Build a Better Date!

Well, it’s been 3 years in the making, and now, after getting support from GangPlank HQ in Phoenix, AZ and from my super awesome designer Brent Spore (iboughtamac), development is now in full swing.

The idea for formulated when I got a divorce about 3 years ago.  I got back in to the dating game, and found that I’d end up taking different women on the same dates, so I set off on the internet to find better date ideas.

Turns out, there are plenty of sites on the internet that offer great date ideas, however, they didn’t link the great date ideas to venues local to me, and from there, the idea for came to me.  

People that go on dates, whether married, single, or attached to a boyfriend/girlfriend constantly ask the question “what do you want to do today/tonight?”.  The idea was to take great ideas for dates from various users across the world and give them a tool to build these dates similar to building a vehicle on or  The users could then save those dates and allow other users to see their idea and use it, or customize it further to create their own unique experience.

PodCast – GangPlank Studios –

GangPlank HQ Blog – (1)

GangPlank HQ Blog – (2)

Well, 3 years later, I released the first alpha launch of in about 20 days thanks to the good people at GangPlank HQ.  The beta will be out shortly after we do some polishing up of the alpha versions.  

Sign up for the beta at!

GangPlank – And then there were many n3rds!

“Making Phoenix Awesome-er!”

Just wanted to spread the word about GangPlankHQ in Phoenix, AZ (ok, so it’s Chandler…whatev).  I’ve worked out of the offices a few times…good group of people, and heck, where else can you go to work amongst a large group of n3rds, and get all the CSS help from April you could ever want???  Speaking of which…I think I’m gonna work there tomorrow……………………….maybe…if Sunny is lucky!

Read up about it…and I’ll see you there!