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Choosing my new avatar! Get your vote on!

Well kids…I’m joining the others that have had @tysoncrosbie shoot new head shots of them for their avatar image across the intertubes.  Wait…shoot…head shot…are we playing COD4??? KA-BLAM BITCHES!!!!

Any who…@tysoncrosbie of Tyson Crosbie Photography in Phoenix, AZ did the shoot about a week ago.  He asks you 3 words to describe what you want your avatar to represent…I chose “funny”, “strong”, and “thinker”.  What he then does is he goes clickity click with his camera from various different angles, takes your money, and you go on your merry way until he chooses 15 of the photos that best represents your words at his discretion, then he posts them on Flickr and has the community comment on the images to vote on the best one!

View Beau Frusetta’s Avatar Photo Shoot

So…go to the set…comment up…and tell Tyson and myself what ya think…