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5 Great Valentines Day Date Ideas in Phoenix, AZ

There are so many options out there for Valentine’s Day, but here are 5 great ideas for the Phoenix metro area:

Native Phoenician Romance with a Twist

Harley’s Italian Bistro has been a well-kept secret in downtown Phoenix for longer than I can imagine. Personal service, excellent wine selection, and traditional italian cooking that will make you melt! The atmosphere is intimate and usually quiet so keep that in mind. (view more details)

North Phoenix Day of Hiking & Pampering

This date takes a bit of planning and thought, but provides a day full of adventure, relaxation and fun. You are certain to impress your loved-one! Start the morning with a cup of coffee, grab your date and head to the Arizona Hiking Shack in Cave Creek: (view more details)

Valentines Day

Camelback Mountain(McDonald DR, Phoenix, AZ) – Take a morning Hike.  Jamba Juice(4811 N 16th Street, Phoenix, AZ) – Following the Hike go to a Juice Bar. (view more details)

Valentines Day For Pregnant Couples

So you or your partner is pregant? That means no wine for at least one of you. This is an all day kind of date, but she deserves it, right? (view more details)

Friday Art Night in Cave Creek

Start off the evening at El Encanto Mexican Restaurant for some authentic Mexican fare. The Pollo Fundido and Beef Fajitas come highly recommended, as well as dining near the duck pond. (view more details) on Fox 10 Morning Show in Phoenix, AZ, a Phoenix based start-up funded by Gangplank HQ, gives users the ability to build and search for fun date ideas that are local to them. – Get in on the beta and Build a Better Date!

Well, it’s been 3 years in the making, and now, after getting support from GangPlank HQ in Phoenix, AZ and from my super awesome designer Brent Spore (iboughtamac), development is now in full swing.

The idea for formulated when I got a divorce about 3 years ago.  I got back in to the dating game, and found that I’d end up taking different women on the same dates, so I set off on the internet to find better date ideas.

Turns out, there are plenty of sites on the internet that offer great date ideas, however, they didn’t link the great date ideas to venues local to me, and from there, the idea for came to me.  

People that go on dates, whether married, single, or attached to a boyfriend/girlfriend constantly ask the question “what do you want to do today/tonight?”.  The idea was to take great ideas for dates from various users across the world and give them a tool to build these dates similar to building a vehicle on or  The users could then save those dates and allow other users to see their idea and use it, or customize it further to create their own unique experience.

PodCast – GangPlank Studios –

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Well, 3 years later, I released the first alpha launch of in about 20 days thanks to the good people at GangPlank HQ.  The beta will be out shortly after we do some polishing up of the alpha versions.  

Sign up for the beta at!