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Did you get fooled today?

Happy April 1st everyone! Where young and old participate in tricking/fooling others! Any other day of the year, this would be called “lying”, however, I suppose on this day…we get a free pass! I wonder if that would hold up in court??? Hmmm…

Well, I got fooled – and successfully pulled off a prank of my own (well, at least in my own mind!). First fooling was when I got home last night, Chuck told me about the Mighty Interactive acquisition by Forty – which, I knew was way outta sorts once I read that Forty purchased with it’s own capital – c’mon, they employ Sunny (you know they’ve gotta be hurtin’ a little) – and I know Archer isn’t ballin’ that hard – I’ve seen his ride son! LOL

Ahem…all in jest Sunny and James… :-)

The second time I was successfully fooled was this morning, when I was half asleep, I get a message on my BlackBerry to the people from Chuck saying that upon completion of installing some new code last night (code that I had written), they had lost 80% of the ticket information in the database. This makes for one of those freakin’ out situations. I replied to Chuck and then realized the foolery that will be happening today. I LOL’d a little…kinda…ok, not really…that was kinda mean to do to a developer!

Apparently Brent and Brian created a fun little project for today as well – – leave it up to Brent to have another “little project” up his “sleeve of wizard”… LOL

I decided to get in on the fun a little, but I had to come up with something. I needed something that seemed plausible. At first, I thought I should do a Shaq meet/greet kinda thing, but then realized they are up in Denver tonight, so that probably wouldn’t fly, but I did stick with the sports figure way. I posted on Twitter…

@BeauHLF: just saw Joe Montana at the store…no joke…dude was like my idol when I was a kid…I talked to him for a bit! Score!!!

…and told my buddy Kyle (who’s a huge football n3rd) that I ran into Joe Montana at Safeway – dude…that’s TOTALLY possible…kinda. Well…a few peeps on Twitter fell for it, and my buddy Kyle totally fell for it. Meh…success!

I also found out today, that Dom was trying to call me this morning when his mom was dropping him off at school to pull a prank on me – so I had him “do the prank” when I picked him up today, yeah, I so wouldn’t of fallen for it, but I would of gone along with it because, well, he’s my son…and he’s a Pee Eye Emm Pee!!!

Any who…until the next post – love, peace, and hair grease!