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The Arizona Cardinals Have Given Up

That loss yesterday was embarrassing. 58-0 against a division opponent that we already beat earlier in the year…are you kidding me? I guess that’s the way of the Arizona Cardinals though.

There’s an easy explanation for this…the defense quit (and the 8 turnovers didn’t help, but we’ve come to expect that). What has been keeping us in the games in our current losing streak? Our defense. No matter what, the defense has shown up, every single week, and produced. The offense has barely produced a fart, and that’s only because it was involuntary.

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Who is getting fired this week?

The Arizona Cardinals coaching staff needs to watch their backs this week, because I guarantee you, the Bidwell’s are going to be making big some changes…ASAP.

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Arizona Cardinals Training Camp 2012

Nothing better than taking the short drive up to Flagstaff, AZ to go enjoy a day watching the Arizona Cardinals @ their training camp. We also made sure we went on the day where the whole team was available for autographs. I think the only players we missed on Dom’s ball was Larry Fitzgerald and Adrian Wilson – he was pretty excite to meet all of them!

I’ve got the gallery of all my images linked below, if anyone wants a higher resolution photo, let me know and I’ll email you one!

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Al Davis…you’re an idiot!

Why would you let Tom Cable go when he just led your team to the best record you’ve had in almost a decade? I assume it’s out of greed since he can see (can he see?) that he might actually have a group of players with some talent, but now, the Raiders as a team are about as useful as having a car without any gas.

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Arizona Cardinals Fan For Life

I honestly never thought for a moment that my beloved Arizona Cardinals would end up last in their division this year. The week 17 game against the San Francisco 49ers was pegged to be the “division championship game” since it was announced on the schedule, but in reality, it was the fight for last place.

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