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TechCrunch…now named iPhone-6-Crunch

For the love of god – everything I keep seeing from TechCrunch is another article stroking the iPhone 6 as the most revolutionary new phone. Jesus Christ…there are plenty of other phones out there that have been doing what the new iPhone 6 is just now doing. Also, all those iPhone phablet haters can STFU now as well – given the mothership has birthed one.


You’re killing me Starbucks!

To start this off, I just want to say that I’m more of a “casual” customer to Starbucks. I don’t really go there for anything other than to pick up items that Tammi might want once in a while…in my opinion, their coffee sucks…bad.

So, I’ve gone to probably 5-6 different Starbucks over the past few months, with one product in mind – the Chicken Sausage Wrap. Apparently this is a VERY popular product, because every time, I SHIT YOU NOT, every damn time I go to Starbucks and order it, they are out of it.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day I go, or the store I go to, they always seem to be out of it, and it’s not just one location that is out of it, I’ve gone to 3-4 different locations here in Phoenix & Chandler, and even one in Long Beach, CA – neither of them had it.

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Gas is out of control!

I’m really not sure of the EXACT reasons why gas has gone up so much lately, other then something is going down…AGAIN…in the Middle East, but it’s getting way out of control. (I tend to not follow the news so much – it pains me to see all the bad shit all the time)

My commute on days that I have to take Dominic to school is 50 miles one way. I chose to live where I do knowing that I would have a long commute, but since moving out to Gilbert, gas prices have gone up $0.50+ per gallon – it’s been about 6 weeks. When I was in high school (1997), it was $0.85/gal, and by 2006 it was up to $4.15/gal for a little while…WTF?

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