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Choosing my new avatar! Get your vote on!

Well kids…I’m joining the others that have had @tysoncrosbie shoot new head shots of them for their avatar image across the intertubes.  Wait…shoot…head shot…are we playing COD4??? KA-BLAM BITCHES!!!!

Any who…@tysoncrosbie of Tyson Crosbie Photography in Phoenix, AZ did the shoot about a week ago.  He asks you 3 words to describe what you want your avatar to represent…I chose “funny”, “strong”, and “thinker”.  What he then does is he goes clickity click with his camera from various different angles, takes your money, and you go on your merry way until he chooses 15 of the photos that best represents your words at his discretion, then he posts them on Flickr and has the community comment on the images to vote on the best one!

View Beau Frusetta’s Avatar Photo Shoot

So…go to the set…comment up…and tell Tyson and myself what ya think…

GangPlank – And then there were many n3rds!

“Making Phoenix Awesome-er!”

Just wanted to spread the word about GangPlankHQ in Phoenix, AZ (ok, so it’s Chandler…whatev).  I’ve worked out of the offices a few times…good group of people, and heck, where else can you go to work amongst a large group of n3rds, and get all the CSS help from April you could ever want???  Speaking of which…I think I’m gonna work there tomorrow……………………….maybe…if Sunny is lucky!

Read up about it…and I’ll see you there!

BeauHLF Does Wii Fit Hula Hoop and Soccer!!!

I enjoy long walks off short piers…I’m a keeper…well, my Mom says I am…what do you think?



PodCampAZ 2008 Registration Now Open!

PodCampAZ 2008

Just a quick reminder to everyone that wants to attend PodCampAZ 2008 – registration for the event is now open!  Brent (@iboughtamac) did the design/layout and I coded up the database and the PHP.  Head on over to the PodCampAZ 2008 Registration Form and get registered as it REALLY helps us out in determining how many people are going to be at the event.  The event is free and is open to everyone!  See you there!

Refresh Phoenix – April 2008

We had our monthly Refresh Phoenix meeting on Tuesday night this week. I’ve only been to 1 other meeting (Feb 2008), but I’ve been conversing with a lot of the attendees for a while now through various social networking channels (mostly Twitter). This time, I told myself that I needed to talk to more people – and I did! I finally met some of my online buddies face to face and shared a few laughs. The topic for the April meet-up was a review from various SXSW attendees – who all agreed that it’s not only the best conference to attend every year if you are a web n3rd, but the networking aspect of it all is extremely valuable!

If you are in the web development industry – design, dev, photography, etc – it is a very good idea for you to attend these monthly refresh meetings, because like SXSW, the networking aspect within your local community is probably your most valuable resource!

If you aren’t in Phoenix, you can check Refreshing Cities to find out where the closest meet-up is to you – or start your own if there aren’t any available!