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I did a video blog entry thing-a-ma-jigger…it’s rad…


Love, peace, and hair grease peeps…

Choosing my new avatar! Get your vote on!

Well kids…I’m joining the others that have had @tysoncrosbie shoot new head shots of them for their avatar image across the intertubes.  Wait…shoot…head shot…are we playing COD4??? KA-BLAM BITCHES!!!!

Any who…@tysoncrosbie of Tyson Crosbie Photography in Phoenix, AZ did the shoot about a week ago.  He asks you 3 words to describe what you want your avatar to represent…I chose “funny”, “strong”, and “thinker”.  What he then does is he goes clickity click with his camera from various different angles, takes your money, and you go on your merry way until he chooses 15 of the photos that best represents your words at his discretion, then he posts them on Flickr and has the community comment on the images to vote on the best one!

View Beau Frusetta’s Avatar Photo Shoot

So…go to the set…comment up…and tell Tyson and myself what ya think…

Why must the PS3 haunt me so?

For weeks now, especially since the GT5 Prologue came out, I’ve been wanting to purchase a PS3.  I mean, it’s $400 for a gaming system that’s top notch, and it’s a Blu-Ray player as well…but why can’t I pull the trigger yet?  Ugh…

So…today…I was at Target picking up a few things for my buddies wedding tonight, and noticed they have a nice little $50 gift card special with the purchase of the PS3.  Well, I just about pulled the trigger until I found out I had to buy 2 Blu-Ray movies (from a list of movies of which I’d probably only buy 1).  Ugh…yet another foiled attempt at buying the PS3.  Hell, when Forza 2 came out for 360, I went and blew about $700 getting the Xbox 360 Elite (the black one with HDMI), the wireless racing wheel, Forza 2, and Gears of War…like it was nothing…why can’t I just pull the trigger already and get the PS3???  I have a 1080p 24″ monitor to hook it up to…so it’s not like I’m waiting on my new TV purchase.  

Ugh…do want… 

PodCampAZ 2008 Registration Now Open!

PodCampAZ 2008

Just a quick reminder to everyone that wants to attend PodCampAZ 2008 – registration for the event is now open!  Brent (@iboughtamac) did the design/layout and I coded up the database and the PHP.  Head on over to the PodCampAZ 2008 Registration Form and get registered as it REALLY helps us out in determining how many people are going to be at the event.  The event is free and is open to everyone!  See you there!

Dealing with XML in PHP5

Recently, I’ve had a few projects come up dealing with XML.  I’m a PHP programmer, and I run PHP5 on my server, so my first choice to attack XML in PHP is by using the SimpleXML object in PHP.  This has got to be one of gods gifts to PHP programmers…all you have to do is give the SimpleXML object a valid XML file/stream and it’ll put it into an object that you can easily reference like this:


Makes life WAY easier by having that, however, I am currently struggling with an XML issue using SimpleXML and the XML data I am working on out of a Highrise account.  The thing is, in PHP, a valid variable can not have a hyphen in it, so if you come across an XML element named “first-name”, you can’t directly reference it using the method above.

What I’m thinking I’m going to have to do here is some PHP magic via old school PHP4 programming.  I wrote a quick and dirty XML parsing app for Brent (@iboughtamac) a few weeks back…I think I may use some of that code to scan through the elements and rewrite the element names w/o the hyphens.

Anyone else experience this issue when using SimpleXML?  Any ideas you can throw my way?