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New House…New Job…

First off – FINALLY got moved in to the new #TukeeDevHouse – it’s sooo much nicer than the last house.  Pretty much still living in and out of boxes, but I’m hoping that situation will be resolved soon…really just boils down to “just fucking do it”.  We’ll be having a house-warming party soon…let us get through the boxes and getting everything sorted out first!

On to the next topic – new job.  It was a hard decision to come to, but I finally decided that it was probably time to get a “normal job” with a steady paycheck.  Its not only good for bills and so forth, but its good for Dom & Lexi to not have me so stressed out all the time when I’m worrying about when I’m getting paid next.

I went on a few interviews, but ended up accepting a position as a web developer at 944 Media in Scottsdale.  I actually interviewed with 944 on the Monday after I moved in to the new place, got an offer on Tuesday, and started on Wednesday.  944 Media produces several magazines and and I get to work on a mix of all of it by working on the intranet that basically contains all the functionality needed to run 944 Media.  I also couldn’t of picked a better time to come on – the NBA All-Star weekend is happening this week and 944 is hosting all the big parties.  If you want to get in on all the cool All-Star parties that 944 is putting on, you can find information about them and purchase tickets over on their site.

I’m still planning on maintaining in my off time…so don’t worry…updates and progress will still be made on that site as I am continuing to build traffic & content that will only make it more valuable when or offer to buy it from me! HAHAHA

So that’s basically it…new house…new job…good stuff…back to work! on Fox 10 Morning Show in Phoenix, AZ, a Phoenix based start-up funded by Gangplank HQ, gives users the ability to build and search for fun date ideas that are local to them.

2009 New Years Resolution “Theme”

I’m a little late getting to this post, but its better late than never, and I’ve already been actively following my 2009 theme…”waste”.

Waste Less Time

One of the biggest things I wasted in 2008 was time.  I not only squandered my time doing stuff that wasn’t productive, but I also failed to record time that I had worked on various projects throughout the year.  My clients may be happy with that, but it definitely doesn’t make me happy knowing that I worked on something that I was being paid for, and I didn’t account for the time spent as I should have, thus, losing money!

My goal to waste less time this year is to take advantage of my Google Calendar and my Freshbooks desktop widget.  My Google Calendar will help me schedule out all the time in my day, and my Freshbooks desktop widget will help me calculate my time easily and automatically add it to my invoices under each project.

Waste Less Recyclables

I’m completely guilty of having a blue recycle bin on the side of the house, and having it dumped 1 out of 3 times that the green (regular trash) can gets dumped.  This is not because I forget to put it out (even though I do that too), its because I have been in the habit all my life to just throw away everything in the trash.  Uh…times have changed…a lot of stuff is recyclable…time to get with the program.

My goal to waste less recyclables is to focus a little more effort when heading to the trash.  It honestly takes a few seconds to say “is this recyclable?” and to walk to the recycle bin and put it in there instead of the trash.

Waste Less Money

Uh…yeah.  I’ve been guilty of this since I figured out how to make money as a kid doing errands around the house.  I remember all those times I’d have money burning a hole in my pocket at the ice cream truck to buy candy before school.  It only escalated from there…remember…I’ve had 15 cars in a little over 10 years…LOL.

My goal to waste less money is to hold back any urge to spontaneously buy things – I ultimately think that’s my biggest downfall.  I do freak out a lot more these days when trying to buy something over $200 or so, but still, its the little stuff that adds up.  I don’t make nearly as much money as I used to, so this is definitely something that I need to focus on, because I’d rather have a little bit of cash to use to go on trips to new places and so forth.

So that’s it…and now I need to figure out how I can effectively track this so I can see progress…because trying to track something without measurements…is like not tracking it at all – you don’t get to see any progress!

PS…I’d like to thank the toilet in the Kitchen Upstairs in Boulder, CO with the little “half flush” button next to the “full flush” button thing for sparking this whole idea!  And yes…I pushed the “half flush”… :-)

Arizona Cardinals – Divisional Champs…off to the NFC Championship!

I have waited 20 years for this:

Arizona Cardinals - AZ Central Sports Page

I remember the first home game I went to with my Dad – it was against the Tampa Bay Bucs when they were still sporting the ugly orange uniforms.  I also got my first Cardinals hat that day when they were the Phoenix Cardinals.

Last night the Arizona Cardinals upset the Carolina Panthers 33-13 in Charlotte – a sureal experience for sure!  I’ve been a fan through the good, the bad, and the Denny Green/Joe Bugel/Buddy Ryan days…you know…the fuckin’ horrible days.  I’ve said “there’s always next year” for as long as I can remember…

…the “next year” is right now!

Cardinals are 1 game away from the Super Bowl…1 game that could be played at home if the Philadelphia Eagles dish out a beating to the New York Giants today…

Like I’ve said all season long…bring it on!!! – Gettin’ updated…and stuff… has been out in the wild now for a few months, and recently, I released a batch of updates to the site to not only make it easier to search for and build awesome date ideas, but I also cleaned it up a little bit as well.

Noticeably, the “ratings” system for all dates have been removed.  The ratings for each venue remained, but until Brent and I can figure out how to make the ratings system fit in better with the site, I just decided to remove them all together (no sense in confusing everyone with ratings that look like crap and don’t make any sense).  I also cleaned up the date detail pages and venue detail pages – they were in desperate need of a revised look from its early beta days!

The builder section was also switched up, completely, primarily due to making it easier to use, but also for the revenue model.  I’m actively selling the top 5 listings in each category in each market (segmented by zip codes) for $10 each per month – awesome revenue model eh? LOL  So if you are a venue that’s listed, and you want to be top 5 in that category for a particular market, email me from the contact page.  Also added to the builder was an open text box for location search, as well as having results for nearly anywhere you can think of in the United States that could possibly be on the web, and thus being able to be picked up by the builder tool…

The next biggest piece that I was working on was for SEO purposes.  Get the titles/descriptions/url’s all working together to create awesome content for web crawlers to index…and so far, its working out great – just ask Chase, he’s the SEO nerd and he’s telling me that the changes are starting to pay off… :-)

So that’s pretty much it…oh…and we’re having a contest – “Build the Best Valentines Day Date” – head on over to the home page of for more details.

Love…Peace…and Hair Grease…