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AZ Diamondbacks with the Family

Headed out to Chase Stadium last night with the kiddos, their mom, and her fiance for a night of baseball with the family – yes, family – we have a well adjusted divorced family structure. :-)

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Sweet on Geeks Event @ Changing Hands Book Store – March 14, 2009

So…I kinda volunteered to be auctioned off at a “geeks” event for charity – just got the flyer. LOL


The “Sweet on Geeks” charity auction event is happening on March 14th, 2009 at Changing Hands Bookstore in Tempe, AZ at 8pm.  I think I’m gonna take the most in auction dollars…I decided…

Excitement is brewing – baseball season is almost here!!!

Whether you are a Boston Red Sox Fan, a New York Yankess fan (go A-Roid!!!), an Arizona Diamondbacks fan, or  a Chicago Cubs fan…you know that spring training starts in a matter of days!

This time of the year absolutely sucks – football season finished up a few weeks ago, and ugh…basketball is the only effin sport that seems to be crowding the available spots on all the sports channels.  I’m not a huge basketball fan…I just couldn’t get back to it after the Suns let me down for so many years (*cough*93 Finals*cough*) – I can only take one team in AZ to let me down for so many years and still stick with it…my Cardinals…the 2008 NFC Champions… :-)

So here we go…another year of MLB baseball…who do you think is heading to the World Series this year?  Even though I’m a huge Red Sox fan, I hope the divisions are all battling it out again this year like they were last year – that makes for one hell of a season!

Oh…and go Red Sox!!!  Papi is back…slim and trim…

Jason McElwain – Amazing Basketball Story

Jason McElwain is autistic…and his story is amazing.  I love stories like this…

Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition Hits Stands Today

Apparently the cover model is Leo Di Caprio’s GF???  WTF???  I thought that dude was gay…maybe I should start acting more gay to pull some tail like that…

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