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One Brick at a Time

Just read an article about a scene Will Smith did year’s ago on the Fresh Prince of Belair. I loved that show, and I’m a HUGE fan of Will Smith. There was a story he told about his Dad tearing down this huge wall at his shop and told him and his brother that they were going to rebuild it that summer (when they were on break I assume).

I guess they didn’t finish building the wall that summer, but they did eventually finish it the following spring. When they were finished, their Dad told them, “Now, don’t you all ever tell me there’s something you can’t do.”.

As Will Smith put it, “The thing I connect to is: I do not have to build a perfect wall today, I just have to lay a perfect brick. Just lay one brick, dude.”.

Love that. Just lay one…perfect…brick. Then move on to the next. Eventually, you’ll achieve your goal if you keep moving forward.

Legacy > Money

As a developer, I lose motivation on projects from time to time – and I think that’s the norm for a lot of web developers – you just get burnt out. You’d think that the high hourly wage would be a great motivator, but honestly, to me, it’s not – I want to work on cool stuff…something fun…something exciting.

For whatever reason, and without any monetary compensation, I dove in to…because it is fun, it’s exciting, and I’m being helpful to fellow developers across the world. I’m not making any money on it, and honestly, I don’t care. I’m developing something that will eventually help thousands of developers out there, that use the Codeigniter MVC framework, to easily install & update the libraries they build their sites with. It will help them put together a site faster then before – and they will look like rockstars because of it!

I can make money other ways, but there aren’t too many opportunities to be a part of something that big – something that has taken off (in day 3 now) as has already.

Fucking amazing – loving it right now.

2010 – The “Suck” was strong with you…

I wouldn’t call 2010 a successful year at all. I would call it more of a learning experience.

I can’t say that I started off 2010 in a good or bad position more so then it was just “a” position. I had a job, healthy kids, a girlfriend, etc – but I wasn’t happy. February rolled around and I made some changes – broke up with Kate. March rolled around, and I realized I wasn’t in a happy place at all. I saw my doctor, I quit drinking, and I started changing up my diet – because I was tired of being “shrek sized”. By April, I made a goal to just “make it to the gym”. I figured if I could at least make it there, I could be shamed into actually doing something productive that might have a side effect of weight loss.

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Hey look Mom…I’m all grown up!

Well, after however long, I finally updated the theme on my blog. No more flame…no more orange…feels good to get a clean theme (and iPhone theme) up on my blog.

I’ve long since wanted to keep my blog more up to date, and I’ve written little task cards here and there with ideas for blog posts, but just look at how long ago my last blog post was published – I’m ashamed! I really don’t want to turn in to Chuck Reynolds and update my blog once in a blue moon, but I think I’ve fallen behind! haha

I’m not going to commit to writing more on my blog, but I will “hope” to…I figure that’s the best I can do at this point. I think it will also help that I’m going to be showcasing my projects on here, so that should keep it a little fresh.

Any who – I’m back out on my own as of June 14th, 2010 – come by the office and see me if you’d like – just don’t use the bathroom…I’m kinda territorial like that.

Parenting, Alcoholism, & Intervention

I can’t imagine an intervention is the easiest thing to go through for an addict, but I can’t imagine it’s harder than what the people that care have to go through during the addiction period.

Watched an episode tonight about a 40 something year old man that was an alcoholic. A series of bad events led him to the alcoholism and eventually took over his life. The man lost his wife, lost his job, and was near rock bottom. His family, friends, and most importantly his son & daughter decided to have an intervention for him. Pissed…he fought it hard – he even said “I didn’t go out without a fight” after he finally decided that curing himself was more important that losing his children.

After 80 days in treatment, he was diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer.

Three weeks later he died.

His daughter and son were interviewed at the end of the show, both clearly sad that they lost their father. His daughter said how proud she was that he made it 104 days being sober before he died. His son said that he watched his dad cheer for him at his basketball game days before his dad died and he was happy his dad watched him “almost make a basket”.

Perspective on my own life with my addictions…yep…just got a ton of that…

Couldn’t get the link to work right: – it’s Season 7, Episode 93 (Bret)