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Xbox 360 Entertainment for All Plan

Have any of you seen this? Basically, Microsoft is now subsidizing the cost of Xbox 360’s by wrapping you up in to a “Entertainment for All” plan at $14.99/mo, that I’d be getting ANYWAY because it offers the unlimited Xbox Live service (which you need for online play).

All you have to do is go to Microsoft’s Xbox 360 Entertainment for All Plan page, verify that you’re eligible, and sign up for the service. I guess they start your monthly service right away, and then you get a coupon to take to one of the participating retailers (Best Buy, GameStop, Toys’R’Us, Walmart, or Microsoft Store) to pick up any of the eligible Xbox 360’s for $99 or $149.

I guess you can get the $249 “Holiday Bundle” right now for $99…comes with 250gb Xbox 360, Forza 4 (yes!!) and Skyrim (no!!) – Chuck, you can have Skyrim…not my cup’o’tea.

I’m still on the fence, but Dominic is pressing me hard to pick one up.

Hmm…I’m going to have to pick up the new Forza Horizon game as well…damn it! I guess I need something to hold me over until the new Sim City comes out in February.

Why must the PS3 haunt me so?

For weeks now, especially since the GT5 Prologue came out, I’ve been wanting to purchase a PS3.  I mean, it’s $400 for a gaming system that’s top notch, and it’s a Blu-Ray player as well…but why can’t I pull the trigger yet?  Ugh…

So…today…I was at Target picking up a few things for my buddies wedding tonight, and noticed they have a nice little $50 gift card special with the purchase of the PS3.  Well, I just about pulled the trigger until I found out I had to buy 2 Blu-Ray movies (from a list of movies of which I’d probably only buy 1).  Ugh…yet another foiled attempt at buying the PS3.  Hell, when Forza 2 came out for 360, I went and blew about $700 getting the Xbox 360 Elite (the black one with HDMI), the wireless racing wheel, Forza 2, and Gears of War…like it was nothing…why can’t I just pull the trigger already and get the PS3???  I have a 1080p 24″ monitor to hook it up to…so it’s not like I’m waiting on my new TV purchase.  

Ugh…do want…