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Yeah – I rank for “Bedazzled Jeans”

Still uncovering the tactics used by Chuck Reynolds back in the day to get me ranked on Google for the keyword “Bedazzled Jeans”. Well – just found this:

Jerks! :-P

I still rank 1st page on Google though…too bad my jeans aren’t bedazzled anymore.

You’re Doing It Wrong

Conversation via Facebook IM today after I made the following comment about a new Facebook Question titled “What is the most craveable style of pizza?”:

Comment: “You know that “craveable” is not a word……right?”

Then Brittany immediately notifies me…to SAVE ME!!! haha


– hey beau.
– will you please delte that response.
– my facebook team is going to report you so that they can delete you.
– and I dont want that to happen to you


– because I pointed out that “craveable” isn’t a word?

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Feminism Explained!

This is some funny stuff – found it posted over on Tyler’s blog – had to repost it.

And no…I’m not a sexist…I think this is hilarious…because I’ve actually gotten in to a few arguments with a couple of Feminists in my time…and it all makes sense now!

Text Champions – Part 1

Just another conversation between my BFF Courtney and myself. We’re pretty rad – you better recognize!

B: U should come up here for lunch everyday, and by every day, I mean u should just come work back over here. I’m sure we can open up a spot for an assistant for me. You can just hang out and pick up chicks for me all day. Deal? Great. You start today.

C: sounds like an awesome deal…how much does it pay and can I drink on the job?

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Wanna save money on development costs? Stop using Internet Explorer!!!

firefox_and_internet_explorerIt goes without saying really that we are in a recession, and many people and businesses are looking to save some money.  I’ve got a great idea to help out…STOP USING INTERNET EXPLORER!

As a web developer, I have many things that I factor in when developing a new site, or adding on to an existing site, and you know, people could really save some cash if I didn’t have to spend extra time making Internet Explorer play nice like the other browsers do with no “extra” help.

Let’s say that some normal markup would take about 10 hours…well I’ll quote it out as 13+ just because of that extra bit I’m going to have to spend on making Internet Explorer display the same way that the other browsers do just because they conform to standards.

So do yourself a favor…if you want to save some development costs, spread the word, Internet Explorer is the devil as far as XHTML/CSS is concerned – it just HAS to be different and it is costing YOU more money.

I think Microsoft did it that way, because you know you didn’t pay for that Office software you are using…so they are just stickin’ it to ya in another way! hahahaha

Download Firefox or Download Safari – and save your soul!!!