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Keeping Fresh to Death!

Like DJ Pauly D says – “you gotta stay fresh to death!”. Gave the site a bit of an overhaul this weekend. I still need to go through and update my titles/etc on the category pages, but at least I got the structure complete and all the data updated (featured pics/etc).

I think the $19.95 I spent for was one of the best purchases I’ve made in a long time. I’ve used a handful of their themes already, and I’ve got a few more that I’ve got my eye on, but you know how it is…never enough time to finish all the endless projects I’ve got in my head.

Let me know what you think (especially if you like it), and if you don’t, you can suck a fat one! :-)

Peace! – Simple Search Engine Monitoring

I probably shouldn’t be promoting this, since it’s likely to bump the stats that I’m trying to beat, but it’s for Chase, and its for GangPlank HQ, and it’s just good business – give more than you get…right Derek? :-)

Another project out of GangPlank HQ has arrived in full public mode – – Simple Search Engine Monitoring.  Basically, the jist of the site allows you to track keywords against your domain to see how you are ranking for those keywords on Google, Yahoo, and Live.  I’ve been beta testing it for a few weeks, and so far, I check it just about every morning.  I’m really trying to get my blog ranked first page on Google for keyword “beau”, and I’ve been able to track the rollercoaster so far with all it’s nifty graphs and so forth.

I’ve also been tracking keywords for – my project out of the GangPlank HQ Incubator.  So far, I’m loving the results.  Keyword “date ideas” has been yielding nice results in Yahoo & Live – hopefully I’ll see that growing trend in Google soon!

Any way, get on over to and sign up today!  I am pretty sure you can sign up for a free account to get your feet wet. :-)

Update on Beau – What’s been going on?

Well, a lot has been going on recently, so I figured I’d give you all a little update and throw a shit-ton of links your way.

I successfully launched Date Designer at the beginning of this month.  If you don’t know what Date Designer is all about, to start, it’s NOT a match-making service.  The service I’m offering is to answer the question of “what should we do?” AFTER you’ve gotten your date.  Currently there are about 40 good dates entered in to the system and the number of users registering and using the system is increasing daily.

Date Designer was recently featured in the AZ Republic with Gangplank HQ, Authority Labs, Simple Seating, and Get Whuffie.  I was also interviewed on video by the Phoenix Real Estate Guy.

I also attended PodCampAZ last weekend – talk about a fun time!  Met a ton of new people, got the word out about my projects, and discovered that Jeremy Tanner (@penguin) is all about man-hugging and Andrew Hyde (@andrewhyde) is a lot quieter than I had imagined!  You guys are welcome to stay at my house anytime you are back in Phx!  And on a sadder note…I still didn’t get a chance to meet Justine…I guess my indirect game didn’t work out so well…<sad face>…

Another project I’ve been working on, that was created out of the recent Startup Weekend in Phoenix is called  Basically, is a search engine of sorts that searches tweets on Twitter and then analyzes the content of the tweets to determine positive/neutral/negative tones and opinions.  We’ve gotten a ton of press about the site already and we’ve only been live for about 2 weeks or so!  The team consists of myself, Chase Granberry, and Mike Luby…all of which…are full of so much awesome, I’m pretty sure if we ended up getting our asses kicked by a group of rogue ninjas, we’d bleed awesome.

Update on my relationship status…single…yes ladies…I’m still single…keep those phone numbers coming…<crickets>… :-/

And that’s about it for now…I gots ta get to bed…Nate’s wedding is in t-minus 13 hours!!!

My Blog – Resurrected

Well, I’ve had a “blog” for a while now, but never really wrote too much in it. I’m not too sure why – as I post like a mad man to my Twitter page on a daily basis. Maybe I’m a bit too busy with client projects, personal projects, hangin’ with Dom, or playing my Xbox 360 – who knows – but I do know, that I’m going to start updating this thing a lot more now!

WordPress 2.5 was released yesterday, and with as much as Chuck (my roommate) has talked about it, I figured, what the hell, I’ll give it a whirl! Well…I did. It is also worth mentioning, that this is my first time customizing a WordPress Blog by myself, and well, it was pretty easy – I thought it was way more in depth than this!

As you can tell, I’m no great designer – but I can code PHP/MySQL like a mad man. I’ve got some projects that I’m working on right now that dabble in the Twitter API, Viddler API, and a few other custom pieces that I’m working on. The project that has the most fire under it right now is – and let me tell ya…it’s sooooooo much fun! We should have it ready here in no time. Head on over to the site and sign up now!

So any who…with all that being said…I just want this thing published and I can start moving forward – and I can start tweaking things as well. So yeah…welcome…hope you enjoy my rambling!