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New Version of Tweetdeck – Out Today!!!

tweetdeck_128Heck yeah!  I love Tweetdeck!

I wasn’t a fan at first, but its slowly been growing on me due to its vast features that allow you to create groups, and setup various searches so I’m not going back and forth in a window all day long!

New Features

Language Translation: Sweet…now I can understand what all those 13 year old asian kids are talking about!

StockTwits Integration: I’m not totally in to stocks yet (although I probably should be since I’m still ‘relatively young’ – like that in quotes hahaha), and I do believe this site was made by local phoenix all star Howard Lindzon.  I like integration with other apps…A+.

Hash Tag Support: I love me some hash tags – no seriously #I #love #me #some #hash #tags…and I love when I am #thefirstonetocreateahashtag – I’m an attention whore…sue me. :-)

User Search: Uh…I’m lost…can’t we just do that with a “global search”?  That’s what I do…so I can stalk @chuckreynolds and @miley__cyrus – ok, maybe not Miley Cyrus, cause that’d get me on “Dateline: To Catch a Predator” faster then Miller drops the soap in county lock-up, but definitely Chuck – that bastard never tells me when the cool shit is going down.  Wait…maybe that’s a sign……… :-/

Ok…well…here you go…read about the new Tweetdeck improvements in depth…and get a new version now!  W00T!