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Summertime in Long Beach


Dom & Dad

Who's that homeless looking guy grabbing that kid?!? … [Continue]

Behind the Scenes – Fba v2.0

Everyone should know by now - I launched a new service called over Memorial Day weekend. The service itself seems as simple as it can get - track a player, get different alerts about them based on different criteria. … [Continue]

Photos in Downtown Chandler with the Kids

Took a little journey to Downtown Chandler with the kids and my camera and took some photos... … [Continue]

Courtney & Andrew Avakian Engagement

Andrew & Courtney Avakian Engagement Photo


When will Local News die already?

At what point will the local news stations in Phoenix (and around the world) finally die off? I mean come on, how much longer do we have to suffer hearing Rick D'Amico rattle off some perverted comment or lame ass attempt at a joke to a co-host or … [Continue]

Dom’s 9th Bday Party


Scottsdale Cars and Coffee – December 3, 2011

Went out to the Scottsdale Cars and Coffee for the first time today. Good lord there were a lot of awesome cars. I wish I would have had some more time to shoot the Bianco Avus Ferrari FAVORITE car right now (I've got a special place in my … [Continue]