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Who is getting fired this week?

Arizona Cardinals v St. Louis Rams

The Arizona Cardinals coaching staff needs to watch their backs this week, because I guarantee you, the Bidwell's are going to be making big some changes...ASAP. … [Continue]

Cam Newton better watch out.

This is a great video from the NFL Play60 campaign. Kid heckles Cam Newton right to his face...saying that he's going to replace him and become Cam Newton Mom's favorite player. I don't care who you are, this is hilarious. "Make you the backup, … [Continue]

I’m just as guilty.


Lex and Dom love their devices (iphone and kindle) when I'm running errands...wish I had them when I was a kid so I wasn't so bored when my mom was running errands with us! Haha … [Continue]

Gulf Livery Porsche 916


I think it's a 916...not completely sure...but either way, I'd rock it. … [Continue]

My kids have McLaren MP4-12 taste.


First one I've seen around these parts. ASU plate...FRMLA1. … [Continue]

Someone kissed this Ford GT.


She better of been hot! … [Continue]

I tried to steal this RS5.


All the other cars here at Cars & Coffee can go to hell. I'll take this one...right now. … [Continue]

I’m still the Date Designer.

Screenshot 11:30:12 4:10 PM-4

There have been moments of awesome where I've gone through and had a whole new site redesigned and started in on the development. Problem is, when I was doing it last, I had a full time 9-5 gig and I was just too burnt out at night to do anything … [Continue]