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Learning About Lighting

Beau Frusetta @ Studio 8 in Phoenix, AZ

Took a little trip down to Studio 8 in Phoenix, AZ to learn some new lighting techniques with some fellow Phoenix Photogs...thanks again're place is great! Picture above was taken with my Canon T3i using a 50mm lens @ 1/200 with … [Continue]

The Arizona Cardinals Have Given Up

That loss yesterday was embarrassing. 58-0 against a division opponent that we already beat earlier in the year...are you kidding me? I guess that's the way of the Arizona Cardinals though. There's an easy explanation for this...the defense quit … [Continue]

My Photography Intern.

He's not that helpful when mid-game. "What the heck dad!!" … [Continue]

Christmas shopping can’t be this hard!

So, I've FINALLY started Christmas shopping, and I've managed to pick up a few things, but I shit you not, everything that Tammi has sent me, is NOT available online. Really...come on... First off, she'll probably read this post and find out … [Continue]

Xbox 360 Entertainment for All Plan

Have any of you seen this? Basically, Microsoft is now subsidizing the cost of Xbox 360's by wrapping you up in to a "Entertainment for All" plan at $14.99/mo, that I'd be getting ANYWAY because it offers the unlimited Xbox Live service (which you … [Continue]

National Championship? Roll Tide.

He will always be remembered...roll tide. Just saw this commercial on ESPN tonight. Love it. Roll Tide ROLL. … [Continue]

Advice for Dad’s with Daughters.

I started following a new blog a few months ago when I stumbled upon it on Facebook (I believe) - It's filled with these (almost daily) pieces of advice for dad's with daughters that will really hit home when you start going … [Continue]

Who is getting fired this week?

The Arizona Cardinals coaching staff needs to watch their backs this week, because I guarantee you, the Bidwell's are going to be making big some changes...ASAP. … [Continue]