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PodCampAZ 2008 Registration Now Open!

Just a quick reminder to everyone that wants to attend PodCampAZ 2008 - registration for the event is now open!  Brent (@iboughtamac) did the design/layout and I coded up the database and the PHP.  Head on over to the PodCampAZ 2008 Registration … [Continue]

Dealing with XML in PHP5

Recently, I've had a few projects come up dealing with XML.  I'm a PHP programmer, and I run PHP5 on my server, so my first choice to attack XML in PHP is by using the SimpleXML object in PHP.  This has got to be one of gods gifts to PHP … [Continue]

Little Flame Clothing (HLF Clothing) v0.1

Well, if you know me, I've always wanted to start my own t-shirt company on the side, because between myself and my buddies, we come up with some interesting t-shirt ideas. So, On the quick and dirty, I set up a shop on (thanks to … [Continue]

My First MacBook

I'm sooooo stoked!  Yesterday I picked up my first MacBook.  I got the black MacBook with the 2.4ghz intel chip, 2GB of RAM, and the 250GB hard drive.  I'm officially replacing my desktop with this laptop - I just need to get the mini-dvi to dvi … [Continue]

Usenet – Do you use it?

I'm just wondering how many people out there still use usenet/newsgroups. I still use it quite frequently - then again, I did have a development contract with Highwinds Media (a provider of Usenet streams) for a few years, so that may be why. For … [Continue]

Cooties – have you gotten your vaccine?

Please...spread the word: … [Continue]

Header Image SEO – is it trickery?

Ok, so I have this client, which will remain nameless, but he's currently attending a SEO seminar in CA and apparently there is some guy from Google there. Well, my client starts asking him about different SEO topics, one of them being SEO spam - or … [Continue]

Support Breast Cancer Research – Drive a BMW!

Do a good deed, and beat the piss out of a new BMW! This will be my second year out - it's a great time - and no, the car salesmen won't pressure you in to buying that shiny new BMW. They will be in Scottsdale, AZ from 5/14 - 5/16 I believe - don't … [Continue]