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Oh Emm Gee – Skitch – Sofa King Cool!

Just signed up to use Skitch.  Awesome piece of software I tell ya! I recommend you go get it.  Kthxbye.  Oh, and check BeauHLF out on Skitch... … [Continue]

Grounding Your Kids

I've got a great kid...but I've got a great kid with behavioral issues.  He's been on a "soft" grounding for almost 2 weeks now (no personal TV time, or Xbox) because he's consistently been talking back the past few weeks, getting in to fights with … [Continue]

No Flicker All CSS Image Hover State Trick

I'm sure it's already out there, but I just discovered it today, and figured I'd share my recently acquired knowledge... With one client I'm working with, I'm forced to use image only nav's on all their sites, but on hover states, I have always … [Continue]

Why must the PS3 haunt me so?

For weeks now, especially since the GT5 Prologue came out, I've been wanting to purchase a PS3.  I mean, it's $400 for a gaming system that's top notch, and it's a Blu-Ray player as well...but why can't I pull the trigger yet? … [Continue]

Hey Beau, what’s been going on with you?

Well blog...funny you should ask...I was just about to write a post in my blog...errr...wait a minute... Hi everyone (feedburner says there's 8, but I know there's more!)!  Just wanted to kinda fill everyone in on what's been goin' down at the … [Continue]

GangPlank – And then there were many n3rds!

"Making Phoenix Awesome-er!" Just wanted to spread the word about GangPlankHQ in Phoenix, AZ (ok, so it's Chandler...whatev).  I've worked out of the offices a few times...good group of people, and heck, where else can you go to work amongst a … [Continue]

BeauHLF Does Wii Fit Hula Hoop and Soccer!!!

I enjoy long walks off short piers...I'm a keeper...well, my Mom says I am...what do you think? [viddler_video=65798f3d,437,370] [viddler_video=1d5f5691,437,370] … [Continue]

10 MPH – Segway across America

It's 3am - on a Tuesday morning...and I just finished up watching an Indie film that totally fits in to where I'm currently at in my life - doing what I want to do to enjoy my life instead of just living it.  The film is about 2 guys who worked in … [Continue]