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Participation Drought

Chuck pointed out something to me today after he had messaged me on Twitter saying “you sure are tweeting a lot today…not typical of you since new jobby”.

True story.

I went on to explain to him that the new books I’ve been reading, UnMarketing & The Thank You Economy, have been essentially lighting a fire under my ass about how I personally use social media and how I need to change it for the better of myself and the community I’m surrounding myself with. I guess I’ve been more of a fire hose lately, instead of engaging with the community, and I want to change that.

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2011 Daddy Checklist

Dominic just turned 8 not even 2 weeks ago, and I like to think I’m a good father, however, there are a few things I’ve missed over the past 8 years, that I really need to take care of this year.

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Killing the “Fat Gene” in America

My new favorite show – MTV’s “I Used to be Fat” – for obvious reasons.

I just watched the “Gabriella” episode. High school senior, 253lbs @ 5’7″, and tired of being fat. Her trainer pushed her non-stop for 111 days. At the end of the episode, she was a completely different person @ 163lbs. Her Mother had a hard time during her transformation, and some ugly things came out during – you should really just watch the episode, I won’t ruin it completely for you.


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Parenting, Alcoholism, & Intervention

I can’t imagine an intervention is the easiest thing to go through for an addict, but I can’t imagine it’s harder than what the people that care have to go through during the addiction period.

Watched an episode tonight about a 40 something year old man that was an alcoholic. A series of bad events led him to the alcoholism and eventually took over his life. The man lost his wife, lost his job, and was near rock bottom. His family, friends, and most importantly his son & daughter decided to have an intervention for him. Pissed…he fought it hard – he even said “I didn’t go out without a fight” after he finally decided that curing himself was more important that losing his children.

After 80 days in treatment, he was diagnosed with advanced esophageal cancer.

Three weeks later he died.

His daughter and son were interviewed at the end of the show, both clearly sad that they lost their father. His daughter said how proud she was that he made it 104 days being sober before he died. His son said that he watched his dad cheer for him at his basketball game days before his dad died and he was happy his dad watched him “almost make a basket”.

Perspective on my own life with my addictions…yep…just got a ton of that…

Couldn’t get the link to work right: – it’s Season 7, Episode 93 (Bret)

AZ Diamondbacks with the Family

Headed out to Chase Stadium last night with the kiddos, their mom, and her fiance for a night of baseball with the family – yes, family – we have a well adjusted divorced family structure. :-)

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