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Christmas shopping can’t be this hard!

So, I’ve FINALLY started Christmas shopping, and I’ve managed to pick up a few things, but I shit you not, everything that Tammi has sent me, is NOT available online.

Really…come on…

First off, she’ll probably read this post and find out what she’s NOT getting, but then again, it could very well be a trick…that no one will know about until Christmas day. I’m tricky like that. ;-)

Martha Stewart’s baker’s blade. Um…someone…ANYONE…find me this thing. It’s not available on, but there appears to be one random one in their store. I know, she sent me a picture of it.

E-Z Touch gloves. They are little gloves, in what appears to be a houndstooth pattern that allow you to use your smartphone with them on. These things don’t exist online, apparently the elves made them and put a single pair at Macy’s.

Embellished faux suede (blue) heels. As advertised in a popular magazine for women, do not exist on their web site. Why…why even put it in the ad if you don’t even have it on your web site? Web site needs help anyway –

Guess I’ll have to actually DRIVE to the store and hope those items are there at Macy’s. I wonder what time they open this morning?

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Advice for Dad’s with Daughters.

I started following a new blog a few months ago when I stumbled upon it on Facebook (I believe) – It’s filled with these (almost daily) pieces of advice for dad’s with daughters that will really hit home when you start going through them. Every so often I wake up with a new piece of advice, and although I’m not perfect in following ALL of the advice, it’s good to read and learn from it.

Some of my favorites…

391. “What’s that dad?” No matter how many times she asks, always give an answer. Despite what you might think, you don’t want the questions to stop.

370. Take her shoe shopping. Little girls love a new pair of shoes. Then again, so do big girls… you really can’t go wrong with this one.

368. Never let her leave the house without first giving her a hug and telling her that you love her.

And the list goes on and on. Recommended reading. Do it…now.

I’m just as guilty.


Lex and Dom love their devices (iphone and kindle) when I’m running errands…wish I had them when I was a kid so I wasn’t so bored when my mom was running errands with us! Haha

I’m still the Date Designer.

There have been moments of awesome where I’ve gone through and had a whole new site redesigned and started in on the development. Problem is, when I was doing it last, I had a full time 9-5 gig and I was just too burnt out at night to do anything with it.

I also tend to stuff too many features in. Yeah, it’d be cool to have all the little whiz-bang features, but what is the FASTEST route to $$$? It’s not 3 more weeks of development before that new feature is finished.

I’ve literally come down to this – a home page, explaining what I do, and an order form to gather information from the customer and their payment information.

Am I crazy? Read on…

Sometimes, my dreams are a bit intense…

My dream(s) last night were pretty intense.

First off…I killed Jason! You know…the mass murderer from Friday the 13th…yeah…I killed him…with a hatchet. Then all his remains flowed down a pipe…except his leg bone – I kept that. I figured that if I kept it, he couldn’t come back to life like he ALWAYS does – a leg bone is kinda important.

Then…I realize I’m pulling some serious Inception style dreaming – because I wake up, in my dream, from a dream. Then I was all worried about being arrested for killing Jason, but I thought, who wants to arrest the guy that killed a mass murderer…I should get a gold star or something! I even went back and checked the bag that had his leg bone in it – and it was gone, so I figured I was in the clear and it was just a dream.

A little later in to the dream, I’m at Circle K over by my parents house – I am pulling out, and I see this old black man struggling to move these 8 tires (old school Model-T tires). I asked if he’d like some help, pulled over, and started helping him move them. Then, I’m moving them in to what looks like the backyard of my parents house, but the dude’s family is there, and I realize that is Jason’s family, and I start freaking out because…duh…I just killed Jason.

While all this Jason stuff is going on, I keep thinking to myself that I really have to stop watching so many scary movies, because this CAN’T be real and I’m just freaking myself out.

So then it flips to my house – and apparently I’ve got a REALLY NICE house. Like – I’ve got multiple wings to my house, and it’s connected via sky bridge – like the one at Denver International Airport. Then I notice I’m having a party, and a bunch of people are out by my outdoor kitchen area thing – I head over. All of a sudden, Conrey shows up with Dunkin Donuts – little mini donuts like the ones you get in the 6-packs from Circle K, but aren’t Dunkin. They are carmel covered. I’ve never seen that, but apparently I really liked them, and ate a shit ton.

Then I saw some hotties…Amy & Bethany.

I woke up…late for work. I guess I woke up so I wouldn’t have my mind blown any further. hahaha All of this dreaming couldn’t of been possible without my awesome little nicotine patches. Oh…did I mention I quit smoking again. Day #5. I realized yesterday that I quit smoking last year on the same day (Mon after Thanksgiving)…I started again on Christmas Eve smoking those horrible Swisher Sweets.