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He’s not that helpful when mid-game. “What the heck dad!!”

Advice for Dad’s with Daughters.

I started following a new blog a few months ago when I stumbled upon it on Facebook (I believe) – It’s filled with these (almost daily) pieces of advice for dad’s with daughters that will really hit home when you start going through them. Every so often I wake up with a new piece of advice, and although I’m not perfect in following ALL of the advice, it’s good to read and learn from it.

Some of my favorites…

391. “What’s that dad?” No matter how many times she asks, always give an answer. Despite what you might think, you don’t want the questions to stop.

370. Take her shoe shopping. Little girls love a new pair of shoes. Then again, so do big girls… you really can’t go wrong with this one.

368. Never let her leave the house without first giving her a hug and telling her that you love her.

And the list goes on and on. Recommended reading. Do it…now.

I’m just as guilty.


Lex and Dom love their devices (iphone and kindle) when I’m running errands…wish I had them when I was a kid so I wasn’t so bored when my mom was running errands with us! Haha

2011 Daddy Checklist

Dominic just turned 8 not even 2 weeks ago, and I like to think I’m a good father, however, there are a few things I’ve missed over the past 8 years, that I really need to take care of this year.

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AZ Diamondbacks with the Family

Headed out to Chase Stadium last night with the kiddos, their mom, and her fiance for a night of baseball with the family – yes, family – we have a well adjusted divorced family structure. :-)

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