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Christmas shopping can’t be this hard!

So, I’ve FINALLY started Christmas shopping, and I’ve managed to pick up a few things, but I shit you not, everything that Tammi has sent me, is NOT available online.

Really…come on…

First off, she’ll probably read this post and find out what she’s NOT getting, but then again, it could very well be a trick…that no one will know about until Christmas day. I’m tricky like that. ;-)

Martha Stewart’s baker’s blade. Um…someone…ANYONE…find me this thing. It’s not available on, but there appears to be one random one in their store. I know, she sent me a picture of it.

E-Z Touch gloves. They are little gloves, in what appears to be a houndstooth pattern that allow you to use your smartphone with them on. These things don’t exist online, apparently the elves made them and put a single pair at Macy’s.

Embellished faux suede (blue) heels. As advertised in a popular magazine for women, do not exist on their web site. Why…why even put it in the ad if you don’t even have it on your web site? Web site needs help anyway –

Guess I’ll have to actually DRIVE to the store and hope those items are there at Macy’s. I wonder what time they open this morning?

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Little Flame Clothing (HLF Clothing) v0.1

Well, if you know me, I’ve always wanted to start my own t-shirt company on the side, because between myself and my buddies, we come up with some interesting t-shirt ideas. So, On the quick and dirty, I set up a shop on (thanks to @tysoncrosbie’s shop) to sell the first batch of shirts.  They are simple…and encompass “the little flame” that everyone knows me by.  Here are a few examples:

Hawt Little Flame ShirtHawt Little Flame Shirt

Click on the shirts to go buy one!  There will be more to come – especially a proper shop & more shirts!