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Dude…enough chicken already!

I’m 4 days in to my 100 day challenge, and I tried to give chicken another chance, but I think I ruined it for myself last year. There’s just something about eating chicken that I’ve cooked – it makes me want to vomit!

I’ve never cooked chicken that has made me sick before, but for some reason, I’m super paranoid about it. When I eat it, I have that thought running through my head, and the strange thing is – it’s only chicken that I’ve made myself. I had some chicken at Miller’s house this weekend that was pretty damn good!

Just sent Ty a message about a substitute, and apparently I can’t go with pork – gotta stick with turkey or fish. I think Courtney made those tacos on Friday from tilapia…I might have to give that a try, and I’ll just fall back on halibut if I have to.

Killing the “Fat Gene” in America

My new favorite show – MTV’s “I Used to be Fat” – for obvious reasons.

I just watched the “Gabriella” episode. High school senior, 253lbs @ 5’7″, and tired of being fat. Her trainer pushed her non-stop for 111 days. At the end of the episode, she was a completely different person @ 163lbs. Her Mother had a hard time during her transformation, and some ugly things came out during – you should really just watch the episode, I won’t ruin it completely for you.


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2010 – The “Suck” was strong with you…

I wouldn’t call 2010 a successful year at all. I would call it more of a learning experience.

I can’t say that I started off 2010 in a good or bad position more so then it was just “a” position. I had a job, healthy kids, a girlfriend, etc – but I wasn’t happy. February rolled around and I made some changes – broke up with Kate. March rolled around, and I realized I wasn’t in a happy place at all. I saw my doctor, I quit drinking, and I started changing up my diet – because I was tired of being “shrek sized”. By April, I made a goal to just “make it to the gym”. I figured if I could at least make it there, I could be shamed into actually doing something productive that might have a side effect of weight loss.

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