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Emotionally Engaging Lifestyle Ads

We have a client that we’re working with right now that sells a product for people with limited mobility due to a disability, and we had an amazing brainstorming session yesterday about the direction. This brainstorming session led me right back in to the theme of day #3 of the BOLO conference – story telling (from my perspective of course). Maybe I’m a little behind as far as online marketing/advertising goes, but I’m pretty sure everyone hasn’t gotten on board with this just yet.

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Scottsdale Cars and Coffee – December 3, 2011

Went out to the Scottsdale Cars and Coffee for the first time today. Good lord there were a lot of awesome cars. I wish I would have had some more time to shoot the Bianco Avus Ferrari 458…my FAVORITE car right now (I’ve got a special place in my heart for white Ferrari’s). I had a little surprise as well – a Lamborghini Aventador showed up. Since I wrote my article back in June, I hadn’t seen one in person, so there was a little bit of excitement. I think I remember Chad telling me to calm down a few times. haha

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Volkswagen BlueSport Concept – Detroit Auto Show 2009

I’m not completely sold on it…but its a step up from the days of the “Concept R”

Volkswagen BlueSport Cocept

Volkswagen debuted this little beauty at the 2009 Detroi auto show, and it has some great lines, but the front fender arches look like its stolen directly from the new Mazda 3/6/RX-8 styling and the rear looks 370Z-ish…meh.

I do however like that VW appears to be sticking with a similar edgy front-end like its bigger/badder cousin – the Audi R8 – the same lines are used on the new Scirocco and MKII Audi TT. Also noteworthy is that its about 1000lbs under what any regular ol’ VW ships with…coming in around 2600lbs, but still, its reported 0-60 in 6.2 leaves VW where they always are…chasing the taillights of their Japanese competition… :-/