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Did you get fooled today?

Happy April 1st everyone! Where young and old participate in tricking/fooling others! Any other day of the year, this would be called “lying”, however, I suppose on this day…we get a free pass! I wonder if that would hold up in court??? Hmmm…

Well, I got fooled – and successfully pulled off a prank of my own (well, at least in my own mind!). First fooling was when I got home last night, Chuck told me about the Mighty Interactive acquisition by Forty – which, I knew was way outta sorts once I read that Forty purchased with it’s own capital – c’mon, they employ Sunny (you know they’ve gotta be hurtin’ a little) – and I know Archer isn’t ballin’ that hard – I’ve seen his ride son! LOL

Ahem…all in jest Sunny and James… :-)

The second time I was successfully fooled was this morning, when I was half asleep, I get a message on my BlackBerry to the people from Chuck saying that upon completion of installing some new code last night (code that I had written), they had lost 80% of the ticket information in the database. This makes for one of those freakin’ out situations. I replied to Chuck and then realized the foolery that will be happening today. I LOL’d a little…kinda…ok, not really…that was kinda mean to do to a developer!

Apparently Brent and Brian created a fun little project for today as well – – leave it up to Brent to have another “little project” up his “sleeve of wizard”… LOL

I decided to get in on the fun a little, but I had to come up with something. I needed something that seemed plausible. At first, I thought I should do a Shaq meet/greet kinda thing, but then realized they are up in Denver tonight, so that probably wouldn’t fly, but I did stick with the sports figure way. I posted on Twitter…

@BeauHLF: just saw Joe Montana at the store…no joke…dude was like my idol when I was a kid…I talked to him for a bit! Score!!!

…and told my buddy Kyle (who’s a huge football n3rd) that I ran into Joe Montana at Safeway – dude…that’s TOTALLY possible…kinda. Well…a few peeps on Twitter fell for it, and my buddy Kyle totally fell for it. Meh…success!

I also found out today, that Dom was trying to call me this morning when his mom was dropping him off at school to pull a prank on me – so I had him “do the prank” when I picked him up today, yeah, I so wouldn’t of fallen for it, but I would of gone along with it because, well, he’s my son…and he’s a Pee Eye Emm Pee!!!

Any who…until the next post – love, peace, and hair grease!

Google’s April Fool’s Joke

Well, looks like Google is at it again. They did it last year, and it looks like they are doing it again this year with their April 1st joke on everyone in the world. Last year, they released their Google TiSP, and this year, it looks like they are releasing gDay MATEā„¢.

Seriously…I know people that actually bought into the TiSP… I think might need some new friends…

RCPM – Circus Mexicus

As many of you know, I’m a huge Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers fan – Chuck will say I’m obsessed, but meh, I love their music. Check my Last.FM page to see just how much I really do love them!

Roger Clyne & The Peacemakers are making the yearly trek down to Puerto Penasco (Rocky Point), Mexico for their show on May 17, 2008. For more information visit their web site.

My Blog – Resurrected

Well, I’ve had a “blog” for a while now, but never really wrote too much in it. I’m not too sure why – as I post like a mad man to my Twitter page on a daily basis. Maybe I’m a bit too busy with client projects, personal projects, hangin’ with Dom, or playing my Xbox 360 – who knows – but I do know, that I’m going to start updating this thing a lot more now!

WordPress 2.5 was released yesterday, and with as much as Chuck (my roommate) has talked about it, I figured, what the hell, I’ll give it a whirl! Well…I did. It is also worth mentioning, that this is my first time customizing a WordPress Blog by myself, and well, it was pretty easy – I thought it was way more in depth than this!

As you can tell, I’m no great designer – but I can code PHP/MySQL like a mad man. I’ve got some projects that I’m working on right now that dabble in the Twitter API, Viddler API, and a few other custom pieces that I’m working on. The project that has the most fire under it right now is – and let me tell ya…it’s sooooooo much fun! We should have it ready here in no time. Head on over to the site and sign up now!

So any who…with all that being said…I just want this thing published and I can start moving forward – and I can start tweaking things as well. So yeah…welcome…hope you enjoy my rambling!