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Header Image SEO – is it trickery?

Ok, so I have this client, which will remain nameless, but he’s currently attending a SEO seminar in CA and apparently there is some guy from Google there. Well, my client starts asking him about different SEO topics, one of them being SEO spam – or basically just trying to trick the search engines.

I did some SEO work on his site a few months back, and one of the main changes was to switch up his header so that when CSS was disabled, there would still be descriptive text read by crawlers because the hidden span would then be shown – as it was hidden using CSS. He asked the Google guy if this considered spam and sure enough, Google guy says yes, but Chuck believes different – hell, I know of several other sites that are developed this way, are they doing it wrong too?

Google says no to text behind an image or text hidden by CSS – but I’m describing the image – so am I wrong?

Can I have some support here? Basically its like this – an H2 tag with a background image set via CSS, within the H2 tag, there is a span with a class tagged to it to hide the text – that’s it. When the CSS is turned off, the hidden text appears – thus a web crawler can read it as it contains valuable information describing the content of the site and is basically a textual representation of the image. Can someone put up some supporting links to information to support either side (mine or Google guy)? I know Google is great and all, but that doesn’t mean all their employees know everything – for all I know, Google guy could be the receptionist for the kid center…

Support Breast Cancer Research – Drive a BMW!

Do a good deed, and beat the piss out of a new BMW! This will be my second year out – it’s a great time – and no, the car salesmen won’t pressure you in to buying that shiny new BMW. They will be in Scottsdale, AZ from 5/14 – 5/16 I believe – don’t be a lazy ass – get out there! I might even buy you lunch…maybe…I will at least GO to lunch with you…that much I can promise… LOL

From the site:

Join us for our 12th year in the battle against breast cancer with our partner, the Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Just get behind the wheel of a new vehicle of your choice in the BMW Ultimate DriveĀ® supporting Susan G. Komen for the Cure event. As a participant, you’ll find plenty of BMW models to test drive, such as the thrilling 3 Series Coupe, the sporty X3 SAVĀ® and this year’s Signature Vehicle, the new and dynamic X6. For every mile you drive BMW will donate $1 on your behalf to Komen. Since the program’s inception in 1997, the event has raised over $11 million dollars for breast cancer research, education, screening and treatment programs. In 2008 you can continue to make a difference by taking a test drive to help us reach our goal: donating a grand total of $12 million.

Register Here | More Information Here

Refresh Phoenix – April 2008

We had our monthly Refresh Phoenix meeting on Tuesday night this week. I’ve only been to 1 other meeting (Feb 2008), but I’ve been conversing with a lot of the attendees for a while now through various social networking channels (mostly Twitter). This time, I told myself that I needed to talk to more people – and I did! I finally met some of my online buddies face to face and shared a few laughs. The topic for the April meet-up was a review from various SXSW attendees – who all agreed that it’s not only the best conference to attend every year if you are a web n3rd, but the networking aspect of it all is extremely valuable!

If you are in the web development industry – design, dev, photography, etc – it is a very good idea for you to attend these monthly refresh meetings, because like SXSW, the networking aspect within your local community is probably your most valuable resource!

If you aren’t in Phoenix, you can check Refreshing Cities to find out where the closest meet-up is to you – or start your own if there aren’t any available! – Have you failed today?

Have you failed today? Did any of your friends post on Twitter that you have failed today? If so, you might of shown up on (data grabbed via RSS feed through – and ultimately been on the bad side of a joke punch line!

Props to Brent and Chuck for putting it together in under a few hours!

And yes guys…I’ll give you props on Twitter so you’ll show up in Integrum’s little iPhone props tool.

You wanna know what’s awesome?

Yep…loves it…thanks Brent…now she probably thinks I’m a weirdo…wait…I just posted a screen shot of her email saying that she is now following me on Twitter…meh…whatev…