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Did you get PokeBombed? I don’t care. Go do something better.

I was literally sitting in the…um…my second office…and I came up with a brilliant new word/phrase:


Definition: the act of jumping in to the line of sight of an unsuspecting Pokemon Go player in order to interrupt their capture and hopefully lure them in to something more productive…like maybe a Taco Bell hat and apron. Those tacos aren’t going to make themselves!

Example: I saw this dumb ass walking around with his cell phone out front of him, so I PokeBombed him with a few of my latest hip-thrust dance moves. My Mom approved the PokeBombing.

We seriously don’t need anymore people walking around staring in to their cell phones instead of paying attention to their surroundings. Please stop.


Almost 2 Years Since My Latest Blog Post

Wow – it’s almost been 2 years since my latest blog post. Let’s see…what has happened.


Charlie was born. WOO HOO! I can’t even explain to you how much I love her – and those “other” kids as well :-P.

I took a new position as Chief Technology Officer @ Eco Automation in Newport Beach, CA.

Subsequently, I uprooted the family and moved us to Irvine, CA. That’s been a bit rough on all of us.

I started working A LOT.

Turned 36.

Seen so many exotic cars, that I’m highly desensitized (sp?) to the sight of one now. Ferrari? Meh…might as well be a Camry.

Bought another car.

Went to Cancun…again.

Worked some more.

Bought ANOTHER car.

Turned 37.

Worked even more.

Published ************** some stuff.

Watched my production API servers go down this evening during ************ some stuff…and I’m still working.

#MadeItToTheStartLine #EveryDayImHustlin

PS. I’m still married – even after/during all that “work” I’m caught up in 24/7. Thank god for you Tammi…without you, none of this crazy life is possible. #LoveYouBabe

Welcome to the world Charlotte!

Charlotte Catalya Frusetta

Our baby girl has arrived! Born on September 30th @ 12:24pm. She weighed in at 7lbs 14oz and measured 20in in length. Both her and momma are doing well, and we’re all super excited she’s finally here!

I’ve got plenty of pictures to post in to a gallery here, and we’re getting her newborn shots done on Tuesday…so excited!

One Brick at a Time

Just read an article about a scene Will Smith did year’s ago on the Fresh Prince of Belair. I loved that show, and I’m a HUGE fan of Will Smith. There was a story he told about his Dad tearing down this huge wall at his shop and told him and his brother that they were going to rebuild it that summer (when they were on break I assume).

I guess they didn’t finish building the wall that summer, but they did eventually finish it the following spring. When they were finished, their Dad told them, “Now, don’t you all ever tell me there’s something you can’t do.”.

As Will Smith put it, “The thing I connect to is: I do not have to build a perfect wall today, I just have to lay a perfect brick. Just lay one brick, dude.”.

Love that. Just lay one…perfect…brick. Then move on to the next. Eventually, you’ll achieve your goal if you keep moving forward.

TechCrunch…now named iPhone-6-Crunch

For the love of god – everything I keep seeing from TechCrunch is another article stroking the iPhone 6 as the most revolutionary new phone. Jesus Christ…there are plenty of other phones out there that have been doing what the new iPhone 6 is just now doing. Also, all those iPhone phablet haters can STFU now as well – given the mothership has birthed one.