Chief Technology Officer & Photographer | Irvine, CA

Did you get PokeBombed? I don’t care. Go do something better.

I was literally sitting in the…um…my second office…and I came up with a brilliant new word/phrase:


Definition: the act of jumping in to the line of sight of an unsuspecting Pokemon Go player in order to interrupt their capture and hopefully lure them in to something more productive…like maybe a Taco Bell hat and apron. Those tacos aren’t going to make themselves!

Example: I saw this dumb ass walking around with his cell phone out front of him, so I PokeBombed him with a few of my latest hip-thrust dance moves. My Mom approved the PokeBombing.

We seriously don’t need anymore people walking around staring in to their cell phones instead of paying attention to their surroundings. Please stop.


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