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Almost 2 Years Since My Latest Blog Post

Wow – it’s almost been 2 years since my latest blog post. Let’s see…what has happened.


Charlie was born. WOO HOO! I can’t even explain to you how much I love her – and those “other” kids as well :-P.

I took a new position as Chief Technology Officer @ Eco Automation in Newport Beach, CA.

Subsequently, I uprooted the family and moved us to Irvine, CA. That’s been a bit rough on all of us.

I started working A LOT.

Turned 36.

Seen so many exotic cars, that I’m highly desensitized (sp?) to the sight of one now. Ferrari? Meh…might as well be a Camry.

Bought another car.

Went to Cancun…again.

Worked some more.

Bought ANOTHER car.

Turned 37.

Worked even more.

Published ************** some stuff.

Watched my production API servers go down this evening during ************ some stuff…and I’m still working.

#MadeItToTheStartLine #EveryDayImHustlin

PS. I’m still married – even after/during all that “work” I’m caught up in 24/7. Thank god for you Tammi…without you, none of this crazy life is possible. #LoveYouBabe

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