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I Deactivated my Facebook


No, I didn’t delete you from my friends list, but I did deactivate my Facebook.

The list of reasons behind that decision is long and comes without explanation, however, my initial feeling…it’s awfully quiet now. A nice kind of quiet…without ads…or updates from people/brands that I likely don’t really care that much about.

I think that Facebook is great for connecting people, but at what point do those connections start to become too much noise for one to really deem necessary in their life? For myself, I’ve always found it great to unplug from the world for a little bit, but always get anxious right before I’m about to plug back in.

I think I’m always trying to look forward to anticipate my next move – positive or negative – and that creates a boat load of anxiety in me, when I should be enjoying what I’ve got around me. I can’t tell you how many times the family sits down “together”, and jumps in to their phones. :-/


So…I’m trying something new. No Facebook. I’m also not on Twitter much either…so if you need me, throw me some comments, call/text, or email me. Peace!

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