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Who is getting fired this week?

The Arizona Cardinals coaching staff needs to watch their backs this week, because I guarantee you, the Bidwell’s are going to be making big some changes…ASAP.

There are so many questions I want to ask, but the one burning my ass up right now is WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STICKING WITH RYAN LINDLEY? That experiment is OVER. Let’s at least get Skelton back in there until we can get Kolb back.

So what’s up with Adrian Wilson? Brian Billick even said it yesteraa…he’s on the downside of his career. He’s not playing with ANY drive lately, and committed some STUPID penalties today. Are you kidding me?!? Yank the diva out of there.

Let’s face the music. We don’t have an offense at all (8 interceptions in the last 2 games and our offense can’t win those games), and it goes back to our offensive line. Who’s coaching that? Oh yeah…Russ Grimm. I don’t care if you are in the hall of fame, the proof is in the pudding and his pudding sucks.

If Kolb could stay healthy for a season, he’s shown that he’s actually not that bad…he’s not stellar, but he’s probably the best option we’ve got. Skelton couldn’t target a chubby chick in a bar that’s so drunk she can’t walk straight let alone get the ball to any of his receivers. Lindley is just young…very young…very green…he’s going to be ruined if he stays in much longer.

Personally, I think it’s time that the Bidwell’s clean house. Let’s drop some bleach in to the Arizona Cardinals petri dish and start over on offense. Let’s get a top 5 pick and grab a great, young offensive lineman – in both the first AND second rounds. Let’s FOCUS on cleaning up that offensive line. We’ve got everything else in place…depth at nearly every level, except our o-line.

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