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I’m still the Date Designer.

There have been moments of awesome where I’ve gone through and had a whole new site redesigned and started in on the development. Problem is, when I was doing it last, I had a full time 9-5 gig and I was just too burnt out at night to do anything with it.

I also tend to stuff too many features in. Yeah, it’d be cool to have all the little whiz-bang features, but what is the FASTEST route to $$$? It’s not 3 more weeks of development before that new feature is finished.

I’ve literally come down to this – a home page, explaining what I do, and an order form to gather information from the customer and their payment information.

That’s it.

I wonder what will happen if I start with that and just see where it goes. The original idea of user generated dates was awesome, and there are still plenty of people using the site each month, but there is no revenue stream there – it NEEDS a revenue stream.

The current plan is this – sign up on the site, pay me $24.95, and I’ll plan all of your date details and send you all the information you need.

How does that sound? Sounds really simple to me…but it gets the job done on both ends…right?

Also, FYI to any existing users, there will be a coupon code emailed to you when the new site goes live so you can give the new service a whirl. So if you’re smart, and if the form still actually works, go sign up on the existing site and sign up now – before the new site is launched.

It MIGHT be this weekend…depending on how horribly the Cardinals game might be going. :-/


  1. Ryan says:

    Wait, wait, wait. I thought the whole idea was to not spend any money to get some action. Late night booty call with Netflix and maybe some wine-coolers, right?

  2. Chuck says:

    wow blowin the dust off this one huh?

    1. get it on and move your ass
    2. or sell it on flippa

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