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Holiday Card Photo Shoot

Who is ready for some holiday photos?

I’d like to keep adding to my portfolio, and I know there are plenty of you that haven’t put together your holiday cards just yet. There are quite a few places around the valley that have decorated for the holiday’s, so let’s go take some photos.

What is it going to cost me?

Honestly, I never know what to charge, and I don’t want to bring the prices down for other Photog’s in the valley, but I’m still a “novice” and I don’t feel comfortable financially raping people for pics (just yet), sooooo…

$75 – 1 location photo shoot for an hour?

I can usually get about 30-40 good shots in that timeframe, so that should be more than enough photos to take to or and design your holiday cards.

Send me an email ( if you want to schedule a time with me. You can check out my photography section for some of my work.


  1. Star Padilla says:

    I would totally do this, but I don’t think a photoshoot of just me and Mozart will be cute lol

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