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When will Local News die already?

At what point will the local news stations in Phoenix (and around the world) finally die off? I mean come on, how much longer do we have to suffer hearing Rick D’Amico rattle off some perverted comment or lame ass attempt at a joke to a co-host or guest. You should hear the what he says OFF the air…it’s no wonder he hasn’t had any scandal’s creep out of the closet.

Did anyone catch the “12 News 12 Seconds of Fame” spot on Super Sunday? Are you KIDDING ME?! I swore Ron Burgandy was going to come jumping out of my TV reporting about a squirrel water skiing.

I’d much rather watch Tyler Hurst spout off on a touchy local subject through a 5 minute video recorded from an iPhone than having to watch Lin Sue Cooney and Mark Curtis spout off some bullshit they are reading off teleprompters while trying to sound engaging and emotionally connected to whatever they are “reporting” on. No, I don’t just want to hear about the crimes in the Avenue’s and dirty dining reports – I can catch all of that on the web before you even report about it – hell, all I have to do is follow Chuck Reynolds on Facebook or Twitter, and I’m pretty well informed. He’s not the only one either…there are tons of aggregators across the world like him that like to spread the news.

Call me selfish, but I want news that’s relevant to ME. I like what Facebook is doing now – they are figuring out what to show me, because based on my usage history, they can tell what I like, what I don’t, and deliver an engaging and RELEVANT stream of content to me. More companies, like News companies, need to get on board. Just because you stand in front of a window looking out to a dead downtown Phoenix (good job copying the Today show) while holding your iPad doesn’t make you more in tune with me.

Irrelevant local news at 5, 6, & 10 is just not going to cut it in 2012. How much longer can it really go on for? My mother, at the young age of 61, gets the majority of her relevant content delivered to her via Facebook, GMail, her iPhone, and her iPad, and you’re going to tell me that the 18-49 year old market isn’t doing the same? Print media has taken a HUGE hit over the last decade because they failed to jump on board, when will local news suffer the same fate?

Or are they just hiding it really well?


  1. Chuck says:

    While I agree with you especially regarding local tv news… local news SITES are still relevant… Now… they do a lot of shit wrong and/or horribly… but… the fact that they typically have relevant local intel is still valid. ABC15 does a fairly good job without being stupid and irrelevant like azfamily… stories about cats and useless crap? really? Anyways…

    Hyper local news is still very important but in my opinion nobody has done it really good yet.

  2. Ron, Rick and Ilona….Ron, Rick and Illona……………( AND COREY TOO!)


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