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Jersey Shore Workout Game

So tonight the big premier of Jersey Shore Season 4 is tonight, and I’m stoked! This show is like watching 1 train wreck after another…I really can’t get enough. I’ve devised a little “jersey shore workout game” that everyone can play while watching the show…and here’s how you do it…

You’re going to need the following: workout clothes, dumbbells (optional), and doorway pull up bar (optional). Actually, all of these things are optional, all you really need is to just get off your ass and get to working out.

Ok, so here is how the game goes (I literally just came up with this whole thing a minute ago):

Game Play (Prior to the show)

Come up with about 3-5 different workouts that you can do that will hit different muscle groups. Some easy choices are pushups, pullups, dips, curls, lunges, and squats. Every player must agree on the selection of exercises, and the order in which they will be executed.

Game Play (During the show)

When watching the show, there will be plenty of commercial breaks. When the show goes to commercial break, select 2 exercises from the list of exercises and perform those exercise to muscle failure. Make sure you keep track of the amount of reps you do, as that will be how winning the game is determined.


After the show is over, add up how many reps you did for each of the pre-determined exercises. Points are based on how many players are playing the game with you during the episode. Let’s say that you and 3 of your friends are watching an episode together. The total amount of points that can be achieved per exercise is 4 points. If you came in first place (by having the most reps), you would get 4 points, if you came in second place, you’d get 3 points, and so on. Determine points for each person for each exercise, then add up all the points for each person. The person with the most points wins.


What do you win? Well…in Jersey Shore fashion, each player that didn’t end up in first place (the winner doesn’t have to buy any drinks), has to buy “x” rounds of drinks, where “x” is the place that you came in. If you came in 2nd place, you’d have to take everyone out and buy 2 rounds of drinks, if you came in 4th, you’d have to buy 4 rounds of drinks, and so on.

And that’s about it. You’ll get your swell on doing the exercises, and then you get to go out and get drunk. MVP would be proud!!!

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