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Day #3 – Only 97 more!

Like Ice Cube said…shit…I guess about a decade or so ago (side note: I’m old)…today has been a good day!

Today was the first day that I ate all 6 meals – on time. It’s hard getting in to a groove of eating that many meals when you’re used to the standard 3 – or in my case, the 2 maple donuts in the morning plus overeating at lunch, then it’s usually a toss up for dinner, but Chipotle was always on the menu.

Damn…I miss Chipotle…haven’t had it in like a week. :-(

So anyway, protein shake for breakfast, turkey and fruit for mid-morning snack, some chicken + rice & corn for lunch, protein shake for mid-afternoon snack, top round + green beans for dinner, and I just slugged down another protein shake – well, I’m actually slugging it down right now.

Ty tells me I need to consistently eat to keep my metabolism churning, and I can feel it doing it’s job, because the food doesn’t feel like it’s hanging out in my stomach for too long, so obviously my body is processing it quickly.

I also took a day off from the gym today – I’ve been on for 4 day straight and figured my body could use a day off. Back at it tomorrow morning!

Update: Clearly I can’t count…it’s day #3!


  1. Ashley Forsberg says:

    Beau! I can totally relate. I’m eating the same way… every 3 hours! I just started a week ago and it’s super hard to eat that often. I’ve had more chicken in the week then I have all year!

    Good luck!

  2. Did you see my post from earlier today? Dude…enough chicken already!

    I’m done with chicken for the foreseeable future.

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