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Getting to the Gym is the Hardest Part

Working out all the time isn’t easy – especially if you have a schedule like mine – there is always something coming up! In the end though, everyone CAN make time, but most choose to just make crazy excuses about why they can’t make it to the gym.

I’ve been making excuses for at least the past few weeks or so (mind you, they have been totally worth it). I’ve slipped off my diet completely, and as of lately, I’ve completely abandoned the gym and the last 2 sessions with my trainer. It’s not like I haven’t really had the time, I just haven’t managed my time as a whole in the best way, and then let myself make excuses for not putting on my gym shorts and getting to the gym.

It’s a short road back to “Fatty McFattersonville”, and there’s no way I’m taking that path back. I’ve got to follow my own advice and get my fitness/diet train back on track…TODAY…all I have to do is just get there tonight after work, and I’ll be shamed in to an amazing workout. If you don’t see any check-in’s at the gym on my Facebook/Twitter streams tonight, call me out!


  1. I’ve been to the gym twice since posting this – Mon & Tue. I’ve got some gym time scheduled for tonight after my meeting, then probably going to get some cardio in tomorrow morning, and on Saturday morning. Five days a week is the goal, Mon-Fri if possible so I can continue to “play” on the weekends – especially now since it’s pool weather!

  2. Pat McG says:

    Getting yourself motivation to go to the gym is definitively the hardest part. Especially on those lazy days where you just want to sleep in on the morning… some days I do though:(.

    • I have plenty of days where I just don’t want to go, but you have to force yourself to go, or you’ll make it routine to NOT go.

      • Loukas says:

        I’ll go one step further. I work out in the morning and my gym is on my way to work, maybe 10 minutes prior to work. I know I don’t get enough sleep and certainly tired most days. So, getting to the gym is easy for me. The problem is getting out of my car and going in. You see, many times, I go to the gym, put my seat back and take an hour nap.
        Getting to the gym is easy. :-)

        • HA! I used to know a guy that would chronically sleep in his car (not necessarily at the gym). That’s pretty funny…I’d be shamed enough in the parking lot to walk in.

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