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You’re Doing It Wrong

Conversation via Facebook IM today after I made the following comment about a new Facebook Question titled “What is the most craveable style of pizza?”:

Comment: “You know that “craveable” is not a word……right?”

Then Brittany immediately notifies me…to SAVE ME!!! haha


– hey beau.
– will you please delte that response.
– my facebook team is going to report you so that they can delete you.
– and I dont want that to happen to you


– because I pointed out that “craveable” isn’t a word?


– its a business website and responses like that are inapropriate
– please delete it so that they dont trigger you as an issue


– A business didn’t ask me to answer a question – you did.
– I’m really not concerned.


– ok.


– Your “facebook team” can block me from their “business website” – or rather, the fan page on Facebook…


– thats not how these questionaires work…
– and I would rather they didnt.
– hey I came to you as a friend
– i didnt expect a response like this beck


– LOL – I didn’t break any laws…I put a comment…in a comment box…
– Seriously…I’m not “concerned”…I didn’t break any rules…if your “facebook team” was so concerned about that, maybe they should choose a word that’s in the dictionary or put quotes around it to signify that it’s not necessarily a word…
– placing comments on posts/images/etc are perfectly acceptable…if there is someone that you don’t want posting on your site, you have the ability to remove them from your friends list and/or fan page…
– sounds like your “facebook team” is run by 10 year olds that don’t know what they are doing…


– ok bye beau

FYI – if you don’t want to sound stupid in public…um…don’t sound stupid? Facebook is very public – and if you want control over comment moderation, switch to a medium other then Facebook…I suggest a blog. Hell, I think you can moderate comments on Facebook questions, but I’m not totally sure.


  1. As a follow up, and to place my comment on my blog that I placed on the comment thread on Facebook, this would have been a far better response:

    “Social media is something that most businesses don’t get. A simple comment to mine with something like “we know, but we hope it catches on, so we can create a craveable’s pizza line…we think it’s rather catchy…” instead of sending out their troops to “delete me” would have put a better touch on it.”

  2. Ryan Hadlock says:

    Beau – pull the stick out of your butt – hahahaha. The Internet is very informal, you know that – shoot we’ve made the misuse of words a daily occurrence because of the intrawebs. However, it’s hilarious that a company is getting butthurt over it – sheesh.

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